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Public policy is an emerging area for both academic and non-academic discourses. The range of stakeholders who are interested in understanding and influencing public policies and thereby governance systems have been increasing recently. The shift in the planning paradigm in India as well as several emerging economies towards a technology-led and locally driven process is one such example where non-traditional stakeholders such as technology companies and community organisations impacted the policy systems. The challenge for today’s policy makers and policy entrepreneurs arise from their lack of knowledge and tools to address issues coming from deepening the impact of technology in the society and human responses. There is also a major disconnect among the policy makers with the complexities of space and its dynamics. This programme is designed to meet the above needs and hence expect to attract those who aspire to grow through critical thinking.

The programme intends is to nurture professional to create a sustainable world through good governance. We will provide this by offering a programme to prospective students seeking the education to excel in the arena of public policy and governance. Students graduating from our programme shall be ready and able to apply the theories, methods, and practices of public policy to solve planning problems and make our society inclusive and sustainable.

This programme seeks to fulfill this critical need of policy specialists who are trained in a multidisciplinary environment. Through this programme we aim to create professionals who will work in national, state and central local authorities, consultancies, donor organizations, research organizations, grassroots and civic organizations.

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Admission Criteria:

Bachelor’s degree in Planning / Civil Engineering / Architecture / Law or Master’s degree in Geography / Economics / Sociology /Political Science/Public Administration from any University / Institutions in India or abroad recognized by the Government of India. 55% marks in Bachelor degrees or Master Degree. These norms may be relaxed for SC and ST candidates as per Government of India rules.