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On the World Habitat Day, Ansal University welcomed Mr. Chandra Bhushan, the Deputy Director General of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to share some interesting ideas on environment and urbanization. The take away of the talk was to accept the inescapable reality of the fast urbanizing world, mainly in the developing countries and Global South

A three-member team from the School of Natural and Built Environment (SNBE) led by Dr. M. Satish Kumar, Director of Internationalisation, SNBE, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom visited SSAA/SSPD on 26th October 2018. The other members in the delegation were Dr. Sarah Lappin, Director of Education for Post Graduate Studies in SNBE, St. Stephan McCay, Former Head of Discipline of Planning, SNBE and Prof. Michael McGarry, Professor of Architecture.

The delegation met with Prof. Vibhuti Sachdev, Dean and other senior faculty members and programme heads of SSAA/SSPD. Mr. Himanshu Sanghani, Associate Dean, SSAA made a presentation on the existing academic programmes and partnerships of SSAA/SSPD. SNBE team presented about their existing academic and research programmes. Subsequently, the delegation led by Prof. Vibhuti Sachdev made a courtesy call to the Dr. Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, Ansal University. The visiting delegation also interacted with the students from Planning and Architecture.

Both SSAA/SSPD and SNBE, QU Belfast agreed to engage in academic and research collaborations. In order to plan and organise the exchanges, Prof. Vibhuti Sachdev proposed to have a generic MoU which was agreed by the visiting delegation.

On 20th August 2018, Dr. Hamish Rennie, Associate Professor & Director of Planning Programmes, Department of Environmental Management, University of Lincoln and Dr. Douglas Hill, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, Department of Geography, University of Otago, New Zealand visited SSAA/SSPD. Mr. Himanshu Sanghani, Associate Dean and Programme Heads from both the Schools met with them and discussed potential opportunities for academic and research partnerships. Later they met Prof. Vibhuti Sachdev to share their thoughts on future engagements with SSAA/SSPD. Both Prof. Rennie and Dr. Hill were in India to participate in the New Zealand India Academic Conclave organized by New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi. Emails have been exchanged to develop potential areas of collaboration.

A peek into students-led debate on 'Inducting Urban Planning in School Curricula' at SSAA, Ansal University. Strengthening existing subjects by inclusion of planning content as a life-skill to sensitizes future generations towards physical environment emerged as a prospective viewpoint.

Shri. Pooran Pandey, CEO of DOC Research India addressing the students.

A student led debate was organized at SSAA, Ansal University on 20th November on 'Inducting Urban Planning into School Curricula'. The session addressed the pros and cons, implications and the way forward on the topic and discussed how it will affect the lives of the students holistically. The debate started with the discussion on ways in which inclusion of urban planning as a subject would shape the psyche of students and the psychological effects of the same. The discussion progress to the next agenda of whether it will inculcate a sense of belonging towards urban spaces in students. The conclusive thought which emerged was that urban planning should be introduced as a life-skill that sensitizes our future generations towards physical environment and not just as another subject in their curriculum. The inclusion will create awareness of the field and help students shape their thoughts at an early age while they are experiencing the city. A way forward for this discussion was to give students the platform to experience and connect with the city and its values.