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BSc in Cardiovascular Technology

As the population ages, and due to life styles disorders increasingly more people are developing the complications of the heart and cardiovascular system. These heart disorders and strokes are becoming the leading cause of death. Thankfully, due to advances in medical technology, coupled with greater awareness of the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, heart conditions can now be detected...

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BSc in Medical Lab Technology

The advancement technology in health care sector has opened many new avenues and now doctor is the only option to make a career in the medical field. Top B.Sc Colleges - There are various options including Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) also known as Clinical Laboratory Science as one of the most in demand allied fields...

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BSc in Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology

Medical imaging includes capturing images of human body parts and extends human vision into the very nature of diseases and enables a more powerful generation of diagnosis and intervention. Ansal University offers a three-year Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging Technology to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare sector.

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BOPTOM (Bachelor's in Optometry)

Optometry is a health care profession which involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and co- management of eye disease.

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BOPTOM (Bachelor's in Optometry) Lateral Entry

The lateral entry suggested is also in the 3rd semester to balance the gaps in diploma programs such that it prepares you best for future regulation.

The program has equal weightage to clinical and theoretical base. The campus center of excellences in various specializations&

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Bachelor in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is an undergraduate degree course focused on understanding the processing of human mind and behavior. 

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Bachelor in Clinical Research & Health Care Management

This is an undergraduate course of medical science which is majorly focussed on safety and effectiveness of a recently manufactured medical drug before it is marketed as a commercial product which can help the intended person to maintain human health.

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B. Pharma

It is an undergraduate course deals with the science of Preparation and Dispensing of drugs and medicines providing knowledge on various topics of organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry and health care .

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