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Master in Optometry:

Why do Masters in Optometry?

Masters in Optometry is research focused and the curriculum upgrades your knowledge in public health, contact lens, low vision and Binocular vision and vision therapy.

1.   It enhances your skills and knowledge as you go in depth in certain subspecialties of optometry.

2.   It is imperative to be a Postgraduate if you are looking for a career in academics or wish to pursue research or PhD

3.   The Master’s program prepares you for specialization in specific filed like cornea contact lens, low vision, binocular vision etc which improves your employability quotient.

At Ansal University the program has equal weightage to both clinical and theoretical base. The campus has centers of excellence in various specializations to train you in specific subjects. Students will have a rotation posting of almost 16-20 hours per week at the hospitals and the work will be weekly monitored. We follow the curriculum recommended by Ministry of Health and family welfare to prepare you best for future regulations.


2 years or 4 semesters (4th semester is the internship for 6 months)


Bachelor of Optometry from a recognized university with minimum 5.5 CGPA

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