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Students explore how to work within the interior sculptural qualities of a building or space. They discover new interior environments such as museums, exhibition halls, hospitality units (e.g. hotels/ restaurants), residential units, stage & set design units, and learn to apply concepts in space planning, conceptual design, and refurbishment of spaces.

Advantage @ Sushant School of Design

  • Studio-led teaching enabling an advanced understanding of the interior design process
  • Live industry / university / lab-based research projects
  • Inter-disciplinary learning opportunities
  • Compulsory soft skill training spread over all semesters
  • Placement support through a dedicated Corporate Relations Team, through a semester-long internship programme in the final year of study along with many shorter opportunities during the course International Collaborations with Global Universities for academic and research activities
  • Located in the heart of the city of Gurgaon with safe and convenient transport connectivity and access to the best quality resources.

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