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The Bachelors in Design (B. Des.) programme begins with a Foundation year where the students are encouraged to develop creative confidence and discover themselves and their world. Through a series of individual and group assignments, students are introduced to the multi-faceted world of all the diverse skills that they will need to develop a career in Product design. The first year is an introduction to concept development, skills and techniques, critical discussion, and self-discovery.

Thereafter, the students begin a graded approach to acquiring skills and knowledge in their chosen specialization, ensuring that by the 4th year they will have spread their wings as professionals Product Design Colleges with increased industry exposure and an excellent portfolio. They will have learned to represent themselves in various forums and will be prepared to continue their education through a postgraduate degree or embark as an industry professional Product Design Courses either working with a professional establishment or as an entrepreneur.

Interior Architecture

Students are introduced to the concept and process of spatial design translating harmoniously into personal, commercial and instructional spaces. Students gain an understanding of the interrelatedness of functions and develop ideas and concepts around these functions. The course is employment-oriented, as students are engaged in a semester-long internship along with many additional shorter internships...

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Interior Design

Students explore how to work within the interior sculptural qualities of a building or space. They discover new interior environments such as museums, exhibition halls, hospitality units (e.g. hotels/ restaurants), residential units, stage & set design units, and learn to apply concepts in space planning, conceptual design and refurbishment of spaces.

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Fashion & Textile

Sushant School of Design is one of the few schools in India to offer Textiles and Fashion Design as a comprehensive programme. The course gives the students an understanding of the methods of detailing and selecting materials, design and manufacture of multiple types of fabrics and garments. The course aims to provide an understanding of the creative aspects of the industry as well as the materials...

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Visual Communication

Visual Communication is one of the fastest growing programmes at the Sushant School of Design. In this course students will learn about semiotics, typography, colour, branding and advertising, graphic design, illustration, animation, film and digital skills through a series of studio-based projects and a combination of theory and practical sessions. The course offers an understanding of traditional...

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Product Design

Product design involves a combination of a human-centred approach to concept development, precise representational skills and an acute understanding of materials and technology. In this course an in-depth understanding of materials, anthropometrics, behavioral psychology and production processes is inculcated in order to help the students find sustainable solutions that answer industry  and...

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