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  1. Upcoming research trip to Kerala on houseboats with students through all levels of study
  2. Chhattisgarh project- researching the crafts of Chhattisgarh, and thereafter making a product taking any one craft as inspiration
  3. Luxury Connect Business School- graffiti design on the wall of the institute on the theme of‘Luxury’
  4. Fendi casa- A high end luxury Italian Brand organized Ace Masion Design Awards in association with Sushant School of Design. An endeavor to encourage our students connect with the industry
  5. Students participated in the 3rdedition of DLF Emporio Design Awards 2014-15.Launched in 2012, the DLF Emporio Design Awards has been created to encourage and support young fashion designers. Each year, DLF Emporio recognizes and honors young, innovative and emerging talent in the field of fashion and design.
    The young designers from Sushant School of Design took inspiration from India’s rich heritage and integrated the royal craftsmanship of the Mughal era with the contemporary
  6. India design Forum – Sushant School of Design had stalls at the event for the years 2013-14 & 2014-15
  7. Sportacular arena is a new sports spaceat the Ansal University campus for which 5 students from Sushant School of Design were asked to create design concepts.
    The SSD design team was a combination of three interior design and two visual communication students.
    Students gained experience in dealing with a live site project, effective communication with the client and working with timelines
  8. A Centre of Skills and Resource Development (CSRD) has been set up at SSD to bridge the gap of skill seekers and skill imparters. The CSRD has got a grant from the ministry of textiles for a research project for the ‘Study on processes and use of traditional dyeing methods in Gujarat and its advantages’ as a part of which, 5 different crafts have been extensively researched and documented. At CSRD we are now building collaborations with various centers of knowledge to increase the awareness of craft and design in India.
  9. Fashion show based on the craft of ajarakh at the British High Commissioners residence. A collaboration between the Britsih High Commission, Aasha Foundation and Sushant School of Design