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An empathetic understanding of a problem

Calling upon creative skills to find solutions

Application of process to drive home successes

Design Solutions are essentially centered on the end-user. Thus design education and training should also be centered on the trainee. At Sushant School of Design, the curriculum is planned and progressed keeping in mind the trainees’ individual potentials and abilities.

The Bachelors in Design (B. Des.) Programme begins with a Foundation Year where the students are exposed to the multi-faceted world of the designer and the diverse skills that need to be developed for pursuing a career in design. The First Year (Foundation) Programme is an introduction to concept development, technique, critical discussion and expression. Students develop a set of basic design skills and are introduced to the methods of application.

The Programme trains students to evolve a distinct design approach and to develop a holistic attitude to the creative industries that they will choose to work within as professionals. Students apply their training in creative thinking and making to various mediums of expression and materials for construction, including textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, canvas, board and natural materials.

Students undergo a continuous learning process that culminates in the creation of a final design project at the end of four years. This project is expected to represent the acquired knowledge and skills of each student.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Design Interior Architecture Associate Professor
Simrun Sethi
Fashion & Textile Associate Professor
Manika Walia
Visual Communication Professor
Ranjan De
Product Design Mr S.M.Kulkarni
Interior Design Associate Professor
Simrun Sethi
Postgraduate Master of Design Interior Design  Associate Professor
Simrun Sethi
Furniture Design & Construction  Associate Professor
Simrun Sethi
Design Thinking Associate Professor
Simrun Sethi