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Radhika Roy – Dean, Sushant School of Design

Professor Radhika Roy has a Master’s degree in Communication Design from the National Institute of Design, and has over 25 years of experience in various aspects of design and education. Her interest in education began at the National Institute of Design, where she taught courses such as History of Design and Environmental Perception.

After undertaking a number of Visual Communication projects for international agencies, she began to focus on developing learning experiences for learners across age groups, through the usage of multimedia games and interactive experiences. Her interest in education led her to look at education from a holistic perspective, by integrating spaces, processes, curricula and people to enable effective learning experiences.

In 2011, she joined the Skill Development movement in India, working with industry partners of the National Skill Development Corporation, to enable youth who had dropped out of mainstream education to become employable. As Head – Design and Development for a leading industry partner, she was able to explore the realities of employability from the perspective of all stakeholders – government agencies, training partners, skills educators and the skills trainees, in order to strengthen learning experiences and delivery systems.

In 2016, Professor Roy joined hands with an international NGO in order to create and deliver a life skills program across all stages of employability and career development in developing countries across the world. As a strong believer in the human potential, she has been a passionate advocate for the importance of critical thinking as a game changer for entrepreneurship and career development among youth from all socio-economic backgrounds.

With India becoming an important design hub, and a growing economy, Professor Roy believes that design education in India has become of vital importance, as youth need to find their voice as change-makers, by integrating their cultural roots with a global and forward thinking outlook as designers.

As the Dean at Sushant School of Design (SSD), Professor Roy intends to strengthen and consolidate the design program to build a strong and contemporary skill base, incisive and value driven conceptual abilities, a sound understanding of self and one’s world, as well as robust design thinking capabilities to address the issues faced by contemporary societies in India and across the world.

Through collaborations with institutions of global reputation, such as University of Arts, Bournemouth, UK, and strong links with industry, SSD intends to ensure a succession of design graduates who are agile to keep abreast with changing technologies and trends, aware of local and global cultural trends and issues, and responsible citizens who contribute creatively to the development of society.