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At School of Management Studies, BBA Program is a program of choice of the majority of the students who are desirous of making a mark in the field of Business Administration. Since our inception we have provided guest lectures, leadership series, case studies, mock interviews, mentoring and Trans Disciplinary Projects (TDL) to be one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR. All of them are being directed at giving our BBA students an unparalleled learning experience culminating into the best career opportunities available with the Industry.

This placement activity has been viewed as a defining action that impacts careers not only in the present but also in the future and is managed in Ansal University by Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) which invites to AU campus some of the best Indian and global companies across sectors and industries. Some of which are Bharti Airtel, Accenture, ITC Ltd, Saint-Gobain,Spunk,Pepsico,ICICI Bank Ltd, Acura Consulting etc. 

The MBA Batch 2016-2018 had a mix of students from diverse background of Commerce, Engineering, Science and Arts. School of Management Studies with a focus on higher learning, foundation building and grooming high caliber professionals placed its students successfully in companies like: Securitas Ltd, Manusis Technologies, Orient Craft, Wheebox Pvt. Ltd, Application Corporation, Lloyd’s Ventures and many more. Few students had taken up entrepreneurial ventures of their own. At School of Management studies we inculcate new dimensions of corporate bonding, business collaboration and leadership transformation which reflects our prowess, being one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.

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Summer Internships

Please find below the details of companies wherein with the effort of CRC we have placed the students for summer training:

S.No. Student Name Company Name
1 Siddhant Arora Green Tree Advisory
2 Kashika Green Tree Advisory
3 Jatin Green Tree Advisory
4 Kapil Mishra Green Tree Advisory
5 Robin
6 Akhil Dubey
7 Akash
8 Naina W for Woman
9 Pooja Chaudhary Ameriprise Financial
10 Naman Bhutani Fizzy Software
11 Gitika Fizzy Software
12 Aditi Bhardwaj Outlook
13 Kashika Outlook
14 Rahul Mishra Outlook
15 Siddhant Arora Outlook
16 Akhil Dubey IBIBO Group
17 Abdul Fateh IBIBO Group
18 Sumit Sharma IBIBO Group
19 Aditi Bhardwaj IBIBO Group
20 Yashpal Dalal Girnarsoft Pvt. Limited
21 Pardeep Bedi Girnarsoft Pvt. Limited
22 Vipul Kumar Girnarsoft Pvt. Limited
23 Mohit Kumar Girnarsoft Pvt. Limited
24 Mohit Khari Girnarsoft Pvt. Limited
25 Shivani Khandelwal Fortis Hospital
26 Kashmira Patel Fortis Hospital
27 Ankush Yadav JMA Group
28 Ankush Yadav AVIS Group
29 Purnima Mathur Elitify
30 Kanika Domino Printech
31 Aditi Bhardwaj Domino Printech
32 Khusbhoo Domino Printech
33 Aashutosh Sharma HT Media
34 Aman Pathak HT Media
35 Pawan Yadav HT Media
36 Kanika mahajan Tax India Online
37 Aditi Bhardwaj Tax India Online
38 Jyoti kumari Tax India Online
39 Pawan Yadav Tax India Online
40 Jyoti Bhalhara Squareyard
41 Abdul Fateh Squareyard
42 Akriti Dahiya Squareyard
43 Ankush Yadav Squareyard
44 Sumit Sharma Squareyard
45 Narender Aura Group
46 Pawan Yadav Aura Group
47 Suresh kumar Aura Group
48 Pawan Yadav Domino Printech