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Management Development Programme (AU-MDPs)

 Ansal University has set-up the MDP Centre on its campus in order to augment critical functional, technical skills and to facilitate management development. It was inaugurated on January 8, 2015 by Mr. Pranav Ansal, Vice-Chairman, Ansal API and Prof. R.S. Dhankar, Vice-Chancellor, Ansal University.

Ansal University’s Management Development Programmes (AU-MDPs) have been designed for key managers at various decision levels to enable them to enhance their knowledge of management principles, tools & application choices in today’s challenging and ever changing business environment. The experience will surely make them better decision makers, enhance workplace productivity and infuse elements of excellence in organizations they work for. The Facilitators are subject matter experts who have designed the programs taking industry needs & specific learning outcomes in mind.  Modern communication techniques are used at the training sessions to make them highly interactive, experiential and engaging. AU-MDP’s differentiating advantage is the opportunity to hear from expertise of practicing senior business leaders in each program.

Upcoming MDPs

  • Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Organizational Excellence
  • Harnessing Social Media, Blogs and SEO in Marketing
  • Building Effective Team Leadership – Harvard Simulation
  • Accelerating Sales Force Performance
  • Strategy Leadership – Creation & Execution in a high-performance environment