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"Our Campus is not a Backdrop–It is the foreground of the future"

While the aesthetics are stimulating and unlike any you’ll find elsewhere, the real beauty is what takes place on our inspiring grounds. Our vibrant campus is perpetually in motion. Our students start and join more than 20 cultural and sports clubs and are deeply involved with the community. Our students fill the stands for all the activities and events that take on campus throughout the year. The students organize and participate in several cultural and sporting activities. Every student would indulge in some creative aspects beyond the curricular activities.The entire student body attends to events like Orientation Programme as well as Fresher’s welcoming party to kick off the new University year. It’s just the opening act of an unforgettable Ansal University experience. Our competent faculty members not only teach, they also groom students to become professional and a good citizen. Our endeavour is to make sure that all the students on campus “learn hard, play hard, discover & realize their true potential”.

 On-Campus Activities

School of Management Studies’students engage in many curricular and co-curricular activities through Out each semester. They usually opt for one of the several clubs like Marketing, Finance and HR club and organize and participate in various events at School-level and also Inter-University level.
Besides, there are extra-curricular activity groups within SMS. Out talented students are well-mentored and encouraged to showcase their musical talents on and outside the campus. They are provided amplestage performance opportunitiesduring several of our on-campus events, conferences and the like.
Various University-level events are also organized like sports meets, cultural festivals, quizzes,debates and blood donation camps in which SMS students participate enthusiastically.
The students also participate in several social service programmes of NGOs around the University campus occasionally.