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At Ansal University (AU), we nurture students to reflect and think. The process of imparting knowledge and learning by accomplished faculty is carried out in such a manner that creates and sustains interest among the students. Teaching at AU aims at the holistic development of the personality by exposing them to the rigor of academics coupled with interactive, enlightening and fun sessions in class. The range of subjects at our management programme have been designed to not only develop proficiency in basic management tools and techniques that would help in execution in operation and functional management roles but also to empower students with soft skills which hone their interpersonal, reasoning and analytical skills and practical knowledge making them a competent and dynamic business leader of tomorrow. The emphasis on learning is depicted in extensive use of quizzes, class participation, presentations, informative audio / videos and industry expert interactions. Sustained public speaking modules are used in the class to break student’s inhibitions in communication. There is also a strong emphasis on live projects, case studies, field visits, simulation, management games and seminars which enable students to practice their knowledge in a real world and industry environment. The unique Trans Disciplinary learning initiative also aims at such variegated learning.

School follows the Student Centric Learning Approach (SCL) that integrates the four pillars of learning:

  • Academic Skills with focus on Trans Disciplinary Learning (TDL) and Industry-interface
  • Technical Skills with focus on industry relevant certifications
  • Soft Skills with focus on personality development
  • Life Skills with focus on attitude and holistic development