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Dr. Samiksha Ojha, Professor & Dean, School of Management Studies, Ansal University brings with her more than three decades of academic and industry experience. She is a Doctorate in finance from University of Delhi.

Prior to joining us, she had been working as Dean Academics with Bridge School of Management, a HT Media enterprise. Bridge is a JV with Apollo Global USA and has academic partnership with North Western University, USA. She has been associated with many prestigious organizations i.e IMI-New Delhi, MDI- Gurgaon, ICFAI Business School and Rai Business School. She has also worked as visiting faculty for FMS, Delhi University and Aarhus University, Denmark. She has completed a course on participant centered learning from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. She also has a rich experience in management consulting in Middle East and India.


Dean's Message

In the upcoming years, India is expected to grow at a faster pace and will be built on its capabilities and new opportunities - nationally and internationally. Currently, with 7.4 % growth rate, it is currently the fastest growing economy in the world.  As per a recent research report from Harvard, India ranks the best on the criteria termed as Complexity Opportunity Index (COI), which measures the capability to redeploy existing know-how to enter in new complex products and markets. We believe that business/corporate sector will build on these capabilities and opportunities and continue to play an important role in the economic development to make the country the next global power.

At School of Management Studies (SMS), Ansal University, we believe that four major trends are making a profound impact on India’ economic development and are increasing the influence of corporate sector in the post-liberalization era: first, with a high COI India has the capability and the expertise to adapt to the new  technologies; second, the stock markets have become more efficient and it is easier for entrepreneurs to raise money; third, the costs and entry barriers for start-ups have fallen due to better government policies; and finally Indians have opened up to global business challenge. Our young business leaders will continue to strengthen the foundations of a new India.

School of Management Studies (SMS), aims to create new business leaders and entrepreneurs that are critical for any economy because they create employment, generate new ideas and implement new techniques in management functions. We believe that these students after graduating from SMS will contribute to strengthening India’s GDP and will make a greater impact in the development of the Indian Economy.

We also believe that a first-class faculty is the core of any top business school, and at School of Management Studies, we take pride in our emphasis on the quality of our faculty. Our strong faculty is the key to prepare our students for insights into management theory and practice, and a global outlook on new business strategies. The dedication of School of Management Studies to maintain a world-class faculty has been a cornerstone of its remarkable progress.

School of Management Studies aims to position itself as a leader in redefining business management education in India. We believe the business leaders of the future must be globally competitive and equipped with a more holistic view of business and leadership. As per India’s ancient traditions, we are open and willing to learn from the best in the world, but we will also systematically integrate our courses with Indian values, thoughts and philosophy. We believe that our courses will help our students develop a broader vision for global business strategy. Our programmes, therefore, aim to enable our students to learn management tools and practices that will create value for the shareholders, that are aligned with business ethics and that can enhance capabilities to address the increasing level of diversity, uncertainty and complexity in the corporate world.

It’s important that students should be equipped with a global mindset. School of Management Studies strives to provide its students with a worldwide learning platform, facilitated by our own and visiting faculty, a rich array of student exchange opportunities, and an extensive network of strategic partnerships and alliance with top schools, organizations and institutions across the globe.

At School of Management Studies, we promise that you will learn and explore new horizons in the field of management focusing on managing businesses in fast-evolving environments.