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The School of Management Studies, since 2012 is dedicated in dissemination of advanced quality of education with a futuristic outlook. The aim of this School is to develop empowered business leaders of tomorrow with the right attitude, analytical and problem solving ability having a global mind-set. Creativity and innovation is the forte of this School. The preparation of curricula and the pedagogy of teaching & training are the testimonials of this approach. Having developed a rigorous curriculum that strives to churn out skilled and competent professionals, there is an innate confidence that the management students will be accepted by the industry without difficulty, thus filling up the gap of skilled manpower.

The Management programme has been designed to gain proficiency in basic management techniques so as to fill positions in the operational and functional levels of management as well as to empower students who seek to become business leaders with higher education in their field. The MBA programme is the Flagship Programme of the School of Management Studies, Ansal University.