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Bachelor of Architecture

The five year undergraduate programme in Architecture aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design, supported by lateral inputs from other subjects. The students are exposed to a wide range of regular subjects and elective courses.

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Bachelor of Planning

Bachelor of Planning program at Sushant School of Planning and Architecture has been designed to provide knowledge and skills required for planning in today’s increasingly complex and diverse world.

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Bachelor of Planning (Sustainable Planning)

We introduce a B.Plan (Sustainable Planning) to Sushant School of Art and Architecture with the hope that it will bridge the gap between the Physical/Spatial Planning on one hand and the natural environment on the other, to give our immediate environs..

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Bachelor of Science (Building Projects)

The programme is formulated to technically enrich the building construction industry with trained graduates having thorough understanding of all the processes and techniques. This programme is aimed at cultivating cutting edge skills and knowledge about the advancement in the industry.

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