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Street improvement project of Ansal university road

A Community Participation Day was proposed on 04 October 2019, promoting ownership of public space in the neighbourhood. This project is a Sushant School of Art and Architecture initiative in the MERA GRAM: GURUGRAM series titled ‘Apni Sadak’ in collaboration with HKS as part of their CSR initiative.

The event was a part of a students’ project that transforms the road facing Ansal University into a pedestrian-friendly street through civic engagement facilitated by a collaborative association between students of Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Sushant School of Planning and Development and Sushant School of Design, of Ansal University.

This social outreach community event was organised in the public space right outside the university premise and got key stakeholders including GDMA, residents of sector 55, specifically children, informal sector representatives such as Auto Rickshaw drivers, together on to the same platform and voice their concerns. The event focused on transformational street improvement that bolstered pedestrian safety and remodelling of the corridor that connects Golf Course Road and Ansal University Road.

The event included activities that promoted the initiative in the artistic demeanour, such as painting and drawing competition, planogram etc. Witnessing the vibrance of the venture were the activities like slogan competition, nukkad-naatak and open mic competition, promoting the message in a healthy and jovial way. Apni Sadak promotes cleanliness along with a systemic way of following the protocols of traffic.

The primary objective of the Apni Sadak Elective Studio, project was to promote ownership of the street and public spaces in the neighbourhood. Students from the Planning, Architecture and Design led by their studio faculty Ar Aruna Bhardwaj, joined hands together create this vision. to . They proposed design enhancements such as pedestrian walkways, cycle/electric scooter pathways, planned informal activities promoting eyes on the street and adequate pedestrian crossings.

Speaking on the occasion, Dean SSAA, Dr Vibhuti Sachdev, “It is heartening to witness our students engage in civic activities to promote street improvement and contribute to the cause. The aim is to make the streets pedestrian-friendly for the people who use them every day and ease the connectivity with public transport. Every person on-road should be able to enjoy the streets to reach home safe and to be able to walk around as pedestrians.

Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Chopra, Managing Director India, Principal and Senior Vice President, HKS. “Through month of service HKS is pleased to contribute towards the transformation of this avenue that this initiative is intended to improve the pedestrian experience for the community and neighbourhood.”

The project is going to act as a catalyst in street up-gradation and create awareness about the systemic and cleaner way of living. The project could later be extrapolated to other streets once made successful in its former stage. Encouraging cleanliness, the structure of the organisation and neighbourhood-friendly streets, Apni Sadak by the Design Schools Ansal University is all set to revolutionise civic engagement and create a better future.