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The online digital library has been subscribed by the University for Sushant School of Art and Architecture which is an online research and teaching platform that helps people discover, use and build a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive access.  The students and faculty have provision to access web based E-Resource content within the University campus by logging directly into the site through the University Server. The resource is used by students and faculty as a portal to scholarly contents through peer journals, books, articles, and other research material from all over the world.


In addition to these e-resources there is also access to Aluka content which is an online digital library focusing on materials about Africa with a mission to connect scholars from around the world by building a common platform that allows online collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Sushant School of Art and Architecture and The American Institute of Indian Studies, New Delhi are in the process of entering into Memorandum of Understanding to develop academic exchanges of cooperation in teaching and research in furtherance of the achievement and dissemination of learning.

It is to co-operate to promote, facilitate and implement co-operation in the programs and activities as enumerated in the following articles:

  • Exchange of Scientific, Academic and Technical information, appropriate academic materials and other information of mutual interest.
  • Academic exchanges including mutual visits of faculty and students to pursue research and to lecture, and student exchanges on reciprocal basis
  • Identifying opportunities for exchange and cooperation, joint research and development in disciplines of mutual interest.
  • Organization and participation of joint- academic activities as seminars and conferences.
  • Joint projects on historical construction techniques especially pertaining to temples already documented and other architectural and heritage importance structures as a potential collaboration project.
  • Any other are of mutual interest which may be discussed and implemented from time to time by and between the parties.