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Propositions adapts the idea of a ‘working lunch’, where faculty get together to discuss their professional work, ideas about pedagogy, general opinions on the current issues in design and simply have engaging conversations with colleagues. Occasionally students also participate in these discussions, though mostly as observers since the primary objective is to provide an informal platform to the faculty. Each week, a faculty member makes a short presentation, similar to the ‘Pecha Kucha’ format, which is then discussed at length. Some of these discussions have led to actual changes in the curriculum, studios and longer formalised debates. Subjects have ranged from Use and Validity of Space Syntax as a Design Tool to Outdated Standards for Evaluation of Green Buildings.

Film Library

Twice-weekly screening of architecture and design related documentaries helps expose the students and faculty to the rich history of the subject as well as advances in contemporary practice. Using films as teaching material helps us in exploring our field from widely varying perspectives. Students and faculty are encouraged to set aside time to attend these screenings and carry forward engaging discussions.

Faculty Seminar

Seminars are forums for open discussion, for the free play of ideas in conversation. Faculty is encouraged to gather around a text and explore its implications for both ontology and pedagogy. The meetings have thus far explored alternative hierarchies, mind and identity issues and the role of dissidence in fields of intellectual pursuit. Education subsists in questions, and it is imperative that educators maintain a stance of inquisitiveness. Where mere curiosity may dissipate when impeded, sustained interest perseveres and builds cognitive stamina—aptitudes necessary for any learner. Faculty seminars seek to foster and facilitate the sustenance of these states in SSAA.

Founders day

It is not the beauty of a building one should look at, it’s the construction of the foundation that stands the test of time. That powerful pillar of the foundation of our Sushant School of Arts And Architecture is our beloved Prof . M.N. Rana. Founded in 1989, our college has established itself as a significant and remarkable architecture college in the country over the last 25 years. Every year on Sept 1st, the college celebrates this memorable and unforgettable day with a lot of pomp and show and 2014 was no exception. The year SSAA saw the end of 25 years and celebrated its Silver Jubilee.

The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp and an invocation dance performed by the 1st years of SSAA. Mr. Kshitij Rana (s/o Prof MN Rana) was cordially invited to witness this grand celebration of SSAA. The Honourable Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Satish Gupta, a world renowned painter and sculptor who embellished the function with his august presence. Mr. Gupta, of the International Airport T3 fame where his hand sculpted Surya statue stands magnificently in the international pier, painted live 10 canvases at our college’s amphitheatre as a memorabilia. The painting was accompanied with the recital by a student of Mr. Gupta’s poems on the aspect of spirituality and subtle live music at the background. But as we know, after every bright day a sun has to finally set, the event too came to an end with a jam session that was organised by the students and everyone danced away to glory to the grooves of the latest numbers. The students and faculty created the true essence of the Sushant family by cherishing this joyous day together. After all a family that works together stays together!

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