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Sahil Handa, V Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

I got an opportunity to intern with the Legal Department of DLF (Ltd.) under the mentorship of Mr. Nitin Bajaj, Senior Manager, Legal in December-January, 2018 for a period of 4 weeks at Gurgaon. It was a great experience to intern at one of the dominant real estate developers in India. The office environment was encouraging, cordial and positive. My work involved drafting, vetting and editing of documents with reference to everything incidental and connected to lease deed signed between DLF and other party. For that matter, I also undertook research work. This internship gave me an insight of how the legal department functions and has opened new prospects and opportunities for me.


Pallavi Devasar, V Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

I had the honour of interning at Dr. Ashwini Kumar’s chambers along with Leges World under Ms. Zeba Khair. The cases I was made to work on were so very close to my morals and beliefs, and it made working on them all the more challenging. I got to work on matters relating to set off and counter claims, the rise of women entrepreneurs and the Arushi Talwar documentary. The work environment and guidance was very professional and the experience was second to none. My intellect and knowledge were pushed to the very limit and it was surely a great experience and a learning curve for me.

 Manmita Chopra, V Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

This past winter, I interned with the Legal Counsel for Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd. (APIL). During my internship, I learnt drafting of cases, preparing arguments, and visited the District Courts of Delhi, Delhi High Court, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and National Company Law Tribunal. 


 Akshaye Ahuja, IV Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

Centre for Excellence in Alternative Care (CEAC) is not only an NGO working for the development of under-privileged children. It is also a hope of light to those who have only seen darkness. With forces of foster care, aftercare programmes and aid to adoption agencies, the Centre is determined to win its war against unfortunate circumstances for children, which prevent them from learning and development. 

My experience has been rich both theoretically and practically. The Centre has taught me that as a responsible member of the society it my duty to reach out to the unfortunate not only by providing them the basic necessities but also by carving out legal paths for their better development and secure living. 


Arsh Mehta, III Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

I had the privilege of interning with Anand and Anand, Litigation Department wherein I researched on matters relating to infringement in cinematographic film, passing off cases and Trans-border reputation. I also aided in filing replications and creating skeleton. It was a great learning experience.

 Raghumanyu Taneja, V Year, B.A.LL.B (Hons)

“In my interaction with him, I found Raghumanyu to be a focused and dedicated individual. He is sincere & hardworking with a keen sense of learning and an analytical mind.”

-      Mr. Siddharth Luthra, Senior Advocate and Former Additional Solicitor General of India.

 “His outstanding grasp of logic, maturity, clarity, oratory and communication skills have made him a standout. I view these skills as extremely important in his planned career.”

-      Prof. (Dr.) Sanoj Rajan ICCR, India Chair Professor at Chinese University, Hong Kong. Affiliate, HHI Harvard University.