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  • Classroom lectures by well qualified and experienced faculty
  • Court Room Exercise (CRE) as class projects with an emphasis on researching, in depth analysis of precedents and enhancing oratory skills so as to familiarize students with the court room atmosphere long before their actual arrival on the legal scene.
  • Case studies for analyzing past history and trends including present case studies.
  • Regular workshops by distinguished Advocates, Academics, Managing Partners and Associates from National and International Law Firms on diversified legal and business issues of contemporary significance
  • Getting them to see through problems and hypotheticals how a seemingly minor change in the facts can produce a change in the outcome.
  • Teaching them case analysis — how to dissect a case, breaking it down into discrete components (facts, issue, precedent, rule, application, holding) in order to discern what the court is actually doing.
  • Exposing them to ethical and professional responsibility issues that lurk beneath the surface of the cases.
  • Giving them practical exposure on how cases are actually litigated in the real world by providing them regular internship opportunities with reputed Law Firms, Multinationals, Consultancies, Insurance Companies, NGO’s, Publication Houses, and Media Houses etc.
  • Giving them litigation-oriented skills through courtroom simulations that involve questioning a witness or arguing a motion
  • Rigorous Moot Court training for students by Experts.