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Owning to the fast-paced development and globalised anthropogenic interactions, legal studies have transgressed into various disciplines. Lawyers without a dynamic outlook and clinical- learning would find it hard to place themselves in this society, which is vulnerable to ‘Black Swans’. With a vision to foster trans disciplinary learning and inculcate scientific acumen among future law practitioners, School of Law, Ansal University, has revolutionised the way law schools have ever functioned. Our ‘students’, from the first year of their enrollment, do not see themselves as ‘learners’ but they work as a ‘practitioner’ with us; our clinical legal education initiatives, in collaboration with leading MNCs, civil society members, and government institutes bridge the gap between industry and academia. Nestled in the corporate hub of the millennium city- Gurugram, we understand the legal skill-sets required by the corporates and their allied groups while making transactions beyond the boundaries and financial collaborations among various legal regimes. With cutting-edge trans disciplinary research and Socratic methods of teachings, the academic outlook of School of Law, Ansal University is at par with the premier global trends. Since the legal industry thrives on communication, we pay special emphasis on developing effective soft skills of our students. The practical nuances of legal practices are embedded in our curriculum through continual consultation sessions with the luminaries in the legal field. Our student-friendly administrative regime, grass-root level legal sensitization program, and ivy-league inspired curricula make us one of the most sought-after law schools in the country. Prof.(Dr.) Kanu Priya