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In order to keep pace with the industry and to bridge, to the extent possible, the academia-industry gap, the Vatel School of Hospitality Management, (VSHM) besides organizing, from time to time, special talks by veterans from the hospitality trade, sends its students to various hotel properties within India or abroad to assist in special events, internships and under-study activities.

As a part of the series to such endeavors, a guest lecture was organized on Thursday, October 11, 2018, wherein Mr. Yogesh Joshi, the Multi-Property Finance Director of Marriott Hotels, Ms Shilpi Sharma – Manager Learning and Development, The Westin Gurgaon with her colleague Ms Aakriti Bhargava conducted a lecture for all the students of the VSHM.

Besides giving an audio-visual presentation depicting the history of the Marriott Hotels starting from its evolution right to the stage of its becoming the world’s largest hotel chain, the Marriott Team gave to the students an insight into how challenging, demanding and yet an extremely promising trade hospitality can be. Students asked questions wondering whether the advancement of careers depended upon how many hotel companies an executive worked with vis-à-vis how many years did he/she spends in one single organisation, to which the answer was that it is perseverance which always pays in the long run. A self-example of a housekeeping executive transforming herself into a Manager – Learning and Development was given by Shilpi.

Customer being the be-all and end-all of all hospitality organisations, the students were given tips on the ways to increase the customer satisfaction levels, about pre-empting customer needs and to promote the Ethos of Atithi Devo Bhav.

At the end the Marriott team discussed the dates on which they would be able to come down to interview our students for placement and, more importantly, the day on which theirs and our team would meet for a cricket match…

Vatel India, Ansal University Gurgaon, School of Hospitality Management organised a panel discussion on ‘Hospitality Industry expectation from Students’ on Friday, 24 August 2018. The event was organised as part of the Orientation Programme for the first year students enrolled in Batch 2018. The session was moderated by Mr. Amreesh Misra, Associated Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University, Gurgaon. The panellists included Mr. Sheril Beotra Director HR, Mr. Umesh Dalal Director Food & Beverage, Ms. Anshul Verma Training Manager, all from Crown Plaza Toady Gurgaon and Professor R.k. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University, Gurgaon. To begin with, each panellist spoke their mind on the potential future of Hospitality students. The panel discussions in which all the dignitaries participated highlighted the need for Rigorous Training which would help tremendously in bridging the industry-academia gap. The discussion concluded on a great note of success, wherein the main essence of highlighting the importance of creative thinking was greatly deliberated upon and understood by the young, budding hoteliers of tomorrow…

VATEL School of Hospitality Management, a strong brand created by Ansal University, in collaboration with a French hospitality giant, in its efforts to keep pace with the hospitality trade and to bring in its classrooms facts about the latest systems and procedures employed by the celebrated hotels chains, organised a lecture by professionals from the Hyatt Hotels on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Mr. Nakul Moghe, Learning Manager and Mr. Aman Bhutani, the Assistant Front Office Manager Hyatt Regency Gurgaon jointly addressed the students and spoke to them about the dynamism and the tact involved in upselling, upgrading and maximizing room revenue. The fact that a hotel room was considered to be a ‘perishable commodity’ was explained in great detail, which turned out to be an eye-opener for these young beginners. “Aimed at giving a deep insight into what the current best practices of the hotels are with regard to achieving the best yield in accommodation (as per the hotel jargon – the REVPAR – Revenue Per Available Room and the ARR – Average Room Rate), several hotel chains partner with us, and that’s what makes us stand away from the other hotel schools” says Dr. Savita Sharma, Faculty in-charge, Accommodations. We conduct 6 to 7 workshops, talks, special lectures, competitive activities and presentations during the course of every semester and our young students entirely look after these events by way of, preparing the welcome plan and, indeed preparing and serving a sumptuous meal… Says, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University, Gurgaon.

Fruit & Vegetable carving is a delightful way to make food into art, or to make fun art that taste good. It’s all about letting go of your inhibitions and using fruit as your medium for artistic expression. School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University students enjoyed two hours of practical session where they discovered the process of crafting fruits & vegetables into alluring creation.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune won the competition with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and Government Law College Mumbai were the runners up winning a cash prize of Rs. 30,000. Vaibhav Tiwari of Symbiosis, Pune was adjudged as the Best Speaker-1 and Varsha Singh of School of Law, Christ University was adjudged the Best Speaker-2. The award of the Best Memorial was bagged by Symbiosis Law School, Pune and Arnav Bishnoi of RGNUL, Punjab was declared as the Best Researcher.

Industrial training exposes student to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution. School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University students who completed their Industrial exposure in the best hospitality brands are evaluated by Chef Anuj Mathur (Sous Chef, Marriott Hotels) and Mr. Simrit Mamik (Front Office Manager, Taj Hotels) at the University premises.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University have believed in “experiential education” which is defined as active student engagement in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This empowers students to immediately apply theory to practice under the guidance of expert faculty. To impart the same School organized a Workshop on Sugar Craft & Chocolate Techniques at the University Premises.

On 20th and 21st January 2017, Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel at Ansal University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management was invited as key note speaker and panelist by Graphic Era University Dehradun for an International Conference on Trends, Issues and Women in Hospitality. The Conference was inaugurated by the Governor of Uttarakhand Krishna Kant Paul, Chancellor Dr. Kamal Ghanshala and Vice Chancellor Dr. B.V. Babu. The first day saw the intervention of speaker s Dr. Sudhir Andrews, Chef Neha Lakhani and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, the afternoon was spent on 2 technical sessions covering the general topics.

In the evening the dignitaries and guests enjoyed the hospitality of Dr. Vinnay Rana HOD SHM and wonderful performance organized by the University students followed by cocktails and dinner. Day two was dedicated to the presentation of the papers that had been shortlisted and a panel discussion, Mr. Laurent Guiraud discussed how the tie up amongst universities in different geographical locations will help in development of hospitality programmes and what qualities a hospitality student should have to work internationally.

Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme and Chef Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor at School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University have taken a group of first year student on Tuesday 24th January to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli, New Delhi.

The visit started at the “speakeasy bar” where the Olive renowned thin crust pizza was enjoyed by both students and faculty. A tour of the kitchen, butchery and confectionary was organized by Chef Dhruv Oberoi followed by a workshop on salads. The students discovered the art of plating salads in a fine dining restaurant.

A cocktail session was also planned and master mixologist showcased a few classics such as Old Fashion and green apple Martini.

We thank Chef Dhruv Oberoi and GM Anuj Tyagi of Olive Bar and Kitchen for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to our students.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Guest lecture on “recent innovations in the field of Culinary Art & Industry expectations from the students.” for the students. Chef Amit Dash, Executive chef, Marriott Gurugram, conducted the session by sharing experiences of chef’s role and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in culinary as it has a bright future. In lecture chef interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.

In the framework of their course "introduction to the world of hospitality business" a group of 1st year Vatel students at Ansal University and Mr. Laurent Guiraud visited Cyber Hub, Gurugram on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

The visit was mainly intended for students to understand the concept, the demographics in the region, the reason of the success and observe how what started as a F&B centric space is now offering an era of other services such as hair salons, convenience stores, banks etc... Students also discovered new trends in the F&B world and were asked to research a few brands such as Chai Point, The wine company, Farzi Cafe...

These visits are essential for our Hotel Management students to understand today's multi-faceted Hospitality Industry and keep up with the pace of its expansion.

Parent’s engagement in students learning always improves student’s achievement & creates platform for honest feedback/ communication.

To involve parents towards learning of students, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017 in university auditorium hall. The main purpose of meet was to create a common platform, where faculty and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss variety of issues, regarding all round development of students.

The event was well attended by Parents/Guardians of students. Dean- School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University, Professor R. K Bhandari shared the progress of school with all attendees.

 Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University has taken a group of first year student on Friday 3rd February for a laundry visit to Crown Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon, where the student got a hands on experience about the recent trends and practices in housekeeping department. Mr Jayant Bakshi, Head of the Laundry Operations took the students for a tour of the facility, various techniques of cleaning and ironing were explained.

The visit ended with an interaction with Training Manager, Ms Aakriti Bhargawa who shared the expectations of the industry when it comes to hire personnel.

 School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Guest lecture on “Hospitality Industry in the early 21st century- millennial” for the students. Mr. Namit Kharbanda, Human Resources Manager, Hyatt India conducted the session by sharing experiences of demands of hospitality industry and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Mr. Kharbanda interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.

When the weather is nice, there are lots of nice things we want to do. One of them is eat a nice meal. With that thought, School of Tourism & Hotel Management at Ansal University, Gurgoan thought ‘how about a food fest that complements the weather. For the occasion a meal was prepared comprising of various dishes from Jammu & Kashmir.

The feast started with Kahwa (flavorful local tea), Rista (minced meat dumplings in yogurt) and Modur Pulao (a saffron flavored rice preparation) was the highlight of the menu.

For the occasion students decorated the dining room and dressed in traditional Kashmiri attires. Honorable Vice Chancellor Ansal University Dr. Kamlesh Misra congratulated the students for the effort, Registrar and Deans were also part of the theme lunch, the food was enjoyed by all!

Students of VATEL School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University visited and interacted a large number of renowned national and international folk artistes and cultural groups who presented performances at both the Chaupals, the open-air theatres, located in the Mela premises. Students also discovered craftsmanship from all over the country, Mithila paintings from Bihar, Kalamkari paintings and wood carving from Andhra Pradesh, cane-bamboo and natural fiber from Assam, Kalamkari Mata ni Pachedi and woolen shawls from Gujarat, papier mache from J&K and palm leaf engraving from Odhisha to name a few.

Of course the fair wouldn’t have been complete without the multitude of outlets serving food from various states much appreciated by Students and Faculty after all the walking around.

In modern hospitality business, it is all about competence of people. The modern consumers demand a high level of service. Employees thus have to be on the top to ensure the survival and development of the hospitality establishment. Hence, faculty and student training are essential in this sector. It increases productivity by developing professional knowledge, experienced skills and valid thoughts. To ensure the same School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University have organised a platform learning series where Mr Manakjeet Singh, Vice President-Hospitality Real estate and procurement, Human Capital Management delivers his expertise on the topic “Outsourcing of facilities in Hospitality Industry.”

Retired Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju visited Vatel Restaurant at School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University on 20th February and experiences the mystic of an Awadhi Cuisine steeped deep in aromas and taste prepared by the students. Justice Katju along with other senior officials and dignitaries enjoyed the flavours of delicacies ranging from kebab kormaa and biryanis that have kept the centuries old awadhi cuisine a royale feast for the connoisseur.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has forged alliances with award winning hotels and other allied hospitality areas. Students at Ansal University have a distinct advantage of corporate exposure through these multi-faceted collaborations which offers them experiential learning via projects, professional competence, internships, enhanced placement opportunities and skill enhancement. To take it further Mr Srinivas Roa, Director of Talent & Culture at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity visited School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University and interacted with the upcoming hoteliers from the School.

In 1912, Auguste Escoffier initiated "Epicure's Dinners": the same menu, the same day, in several cities of the world and for the greatest number of guests. Goût de France is in the spirit of this beautiful idea with the will to associate all categories of restaurant from the four corners of the world. On the occasion of operation “Goût de France” or Good France in English which would translate in “A taste of France”, Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University is pleased to announce a 3 day celebration of French culinary art. This event, in the form of a lecture and a lunch, will pay tribute to the excellence of French cuisine to its capacity for innovation and to the values it promotes: sharing, enjoyment, and respect for "good food", Contemporaries & the planet.

The event will showcase Michelin Star Chef Akrame Banallal from Paris. He will share his expertise and experience with the students and the Chefs of Vatel, Ansal University to celebrate French gastronomy.

On the first day of the event the 1st year students prepared a five course meal for The Trustees Mr. and Mrs. Ansal, Vice Chancellor, Dr Misra and other dignitaries. Everyone praised the food and looks forward to tomorrow’s chapter.

Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel congratulated the students, Chef Subir K. Malakar, Nidhi Nayna and the entire team for bringing to life the art of French hospitality.

On 21 March, Vatel, School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University, invited Executive Chef, Crown Plaza to experience a five course lunch at Vatel restaurant prepared by students and faculty for the second day of operation Goût de France, lunch was followed by a Guest lecture on “Food safety and hygiene standards in five star hotels”

Chef Nilesh enjoyed lunch thoroughly, he later conducted the session by sharing experiences of food safety and hygiene standards of hospitality industry and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Chef Nilesh mentored the students reminding them that passion is essential to succeed in the Industry.

The apogee of a three-day special French culinary fiesta at Vatel, Ansal University. This initiative commemorating with worldwide second edition of Good France, featuring French Gastronomy, was organized by School with aim to understand art and attributes of French Cooking and to explore French gastronomy in a broader sense. “Gȏut de France” along with sumptuous lunch was organized by the students in the school Honoring French Cuisine. The students not only took part with great enthusiasm but also learnt about the French delicacies and their preparations.

Series of workshops, Guest Lectures and Public lectures were organized during this week to celebrate Good France. Support from Hotel industry and French Embassy was really encouraging. Michelin-starred Chef Akrame Benallal, Owner of Group Akrame Power,Paris guided students towards achieving goals through perfection and shared reciepe of cooking with emotions and feelings.

Mr Rajindera Kumar, Director Vivanta, by Taj Ambassador, New Delhi, Mr. Tristan Beau de LOMENIE- Director of Operation LUXE Hotels India & General Manager Delegate – Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity were other speakers on the occasion. One of the rare moment, when alumni of world’s best Hospitality Schools Cornell, Lussane and Vatel addressed the audience.

As a sequel to the various academic activities oriented towards the overall exposure and hands-on experience for the students, Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM), Ansal University, in collaboration with Nestlé India Limited, organised Nestlé Young Chef Competition on April 21, 2017 within the University premises.

Students of 2nd and the 6th Semesters of STHM took a very enthusiastic and keen interest in the competition, for which strict modalities were specified by Nestlé. During the 4-hour competition filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm, ten teams comprising of three students in each team were given the open challenge to exhibit their skills and produce a starter, a main course dish and a dessert. Specialised events of such nature can’t be solemnised without the presence and active involvement of industry experts; Chef. Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity and Chef. Ashish Dhar, Chief Culinary Designer, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity were called upon to judge the performance of students and to give their expert comments about the taste, the texture, the colour, the appearance and the consistency of the dish, in relation to what was specified by the Nestle. A wide range of products comprising of Maggi, Nescafe, Coconut Milk, Dressings, Flavored milk, Kitkat, Sunrise coffee and Milkmaid brands were supplied by Nestlé India Limited. Students had the liberty to use props and decorations for the food presentation, which comes out excellent. Judges were amazed to witness the creativity of budding chefs, they congratulated Prof. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India for a successful event.

24th April, 2017 – Vatel School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University organized a get-together to bid adieu to final year students. "It is actually very difficult to say goodbye to you students, with whom we have had a close association of more than a 1000 days. However, for us, this isn't a separation - we know that we will be associated with each other forever and will cherish the memories of having spent an excellent time together at the University" Said the Dean, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, who equally stressed upon hard work, without which, nothing was ever achievable.

Thereupon, it was an open house, wherein the seniors did exactly what the juniors asked them to do - be it mimicking a teacher, dancing, singing a song or acting like a half inebriated man. An over-enthusiastic student also exhibited his mettle by doing a hundred push-ups on the stage. The junior students took a lot of care in preparing and serving to their seniors Avadhi delicacies and a mocktail Green Apple Sparkle, rounded off with a delicious fruit cream. “The seeds which we sowed and nurtured have finally bloomed" said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India... Everybody wished the passing-out batch good luck and looked forward to their continuous advice in future...

On 30th April 2017 on the occasion of their participation in the 11th Vatel International Convention in Mauritius, Dean Rajkishor Bhandari and Director Vatel Laurent Guiraud visited 16 students actually undergoing their 22 weeks Industrial Training on the island. Rendez-vous had been taken for Sunday morning at 9 and when the two gentlemen reached the students’ residence they found everybody asleep as boys and girls had only been back from their hotel shift around 2 am.

Within a few minutes everyone was up though and smiling faces had replaced sleepy ones…Faculty and students were happy to see each other after such a long time and both sides confessed on how they had missed each other. A lot was discussed on how things were shaping up in terms of internship and life in general on the island.

After a few photographs were clicked it was time to bid farewell, a bit of an emotional moment for all, but no worries August will bring us back together to begin a triumphal 5th semester!

It is this time of the year again when the 1st year students of Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University are gearing up for their summer classes in France. From 4th June 2017 to 21st August 2017 18 of them will undergo a 10 weeks’ internship in Vatel Hotel, the 4* property of our sister School in France.

Our student is thrilled at the idea of spending the summer in the south of France only 40 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful beaches of Grau du Roi and the enthralled Camargue region. Nîmes, a tranquil Gallo-Roman city nested in the Occitanie region of southern France, was an important outpost of the Roman Empire. It’s known for well-preserved monuments such as the Arena of Nîmes, a double-tiered circa-70 A.D. amphitheater still in use for concerts and bullfights. Both the Maison Carrée white limestone Roman temple and Pont du Gard tri-level aqueduct are around 2,000 years old. Hotel Vatel is open to general public, located within the school campus and adjacent to the student’s residence and their cafeteria. It counts 75 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants, fine dining and brasserie, banquet facility, indoor/outdoor pool, spa and gym, the perfect environment for our students to put into practice “live” the knowledge acquired over 2 semesters.

After a few cold sweats and sleepless nights awaiting their visas our 17 students and Director of Programme Amreesh Misra have finally boarded their flight and reached Paris safely on Sunday 4th June early morning. Everyone was fresh and happy although the night was short and Amreesh Sir had a hard time keeping his “troops” together, indeed the excitement of discovering a new place had overcome the fatigue.

But the trip was not over yet as the students of Vatel School of Hotel Management at Ansal University still had to board a TGV (bullet) train to reach their final destination Nîmes.

After a short 3 and ½ hours they were at Vatel Nimes, boys and girls were famished and without further ado they were “en route” for the student cafeteria, the food was appreciated although some thought it lacked a bit of “mirch”, welcome to France, one will have to adapt to the local fare… Everyone received the key to their room but resting was not in the agenda, better to head to the center of town to witness the famous “Feria de Nimes” the 65 years old festival.

In order to re-inforce the strong and cordial association that the School of Tourism and Hotel Management enjoys with the different service establishments, continuous efforts are made to keep the interaction alive with the hotels and fine-dine restaurants. Not only do these happenings enhance internship and placements opportunities for students, they also prove to be excellent means of getting to know the latest trends and the best practices employed by the hotels.

Events that definitely create a strong bonding between academia and industry are the ones in which more and more members of the two organizations are called upon to participate and to contribute. Games, matches, competitions, even rivalries become means to promote a sense of intimacy, friendship and nearness which eventually lead to enhanced productivity, efficiency and personal well-being.

One such activity – a football match was organised on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 between the staff of Hotel Crowne Plaza Gurgaon and the students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University. More than a rivalry, it was a friendly match in which the students, being younger and agile, managed to score more goals than the Crowne Plaza team. It was quite evident that that the hotel staff are not able to dedicate enough time to sports, given their professional commitments and long duty hours… They were perhaps more victorious when they were themselves students at a much younger age...

“This was a very interesting game (not a match) – This was one of the many played with the students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University, and our staff welcomes such breaks from time to time.” Said Nitika Bajaj, Director - Human Resources, CROWNE PLAZA TODAY, GURGAON.

In keeping with the festive season, students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM) Ansal University, put together a brilliant, colourful show of the art of Boulangerie and Pâtisserie by producing aromatic cup cakes topped with the icing of exotic flavours of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and red currant.

The idea was, besides promoting a sense of teamwork and camaraderie amongst classmates, to gear them to welcome the students from the Dynasty International School Faridabad, who expressed a special wish to be exposed to the dynamic world of hospitality and thought it best to visit the STHM.

A warm greeting with a tour of the University, a welcome drink, followed by a formal lecture on professional food and beverage service, a Q-A, session was organised and was consummated by lunch. These activities were chronologically packaged for these students, who also carried back with them as a souvenir, a box of the entire assortment of cup cakes made by none other than the students of STHM.

'’The main purpose of this acivity is to arouse amongst the young and adolescent students, who might still be on the verge of deciding a career for themselves, an element of interest and to help them select a promising future in this fastest growing sector.’’ Said Mr. R. K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM, Ansal University…

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University have believed in “experiential education” which is defined as active student engagement in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This empower students to immediately apply theory to practice under the guidance of expert faculty. To impart the same School organized a Workshop on bulk bakery production techniques where students prepared the extensive variety of chocolates and cakes which will be helpful to take up the entrepreneur ventures by the students.

Ansal University organised a panel discussion by Young FICCI Ladies' Organisation (YFLO) panel discussion with the theme - Raising Millennials in the Digital Age at The Lalit hotel in New Delhi. Experts from the media and academia participated in the discussion, which deliberated deeply upon the increasing use of electronic media, facebook, instagram etc. and the impact - negative or positive that it may have, especially on the young millennials.

Students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University took care of the entire protocol of the event; they laid out the seating plan, greeted the dignitaries, school teachers, renowned personalities and students of various schools and guided them to refreshments and seated them in the hall. Their hospitality did not end here; they prepared fresh cakes and chocolates for all participants and assisted the hotel staff in the service of lunch.

"These exposures give a first-hand feel to the students of hospitality - showing them how such important and prestigious events are handled" - Said Mr. R. K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University organised a Guest lecture on "Challenges and Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry” for the students. Ms. Bela Brahmbhatt – Area Manager Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School & William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Australia conducted the session by sharing experiences about demands of hospitality industry. She also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Ms. Bele discussed about various career options and courses available to students after doing Hotel Management and working opportunities in the continent.

In this highly competitive world, maximizing revenues is the most important task for any industry or trade, reason being huge investments involved in construction, marketing, maintenance and operations in order to be competitive and to gain customer loyalty. This truth manifests itself more in hotels as this a highly sensitive, service-oriented business. Students are the one who groom themselves into professional hotel employees. With a view to giving them a platform where they could understand the importance of remaining competitive and providing the best of the services to solicit repeat business from their customers, to not only retain their customers but also to expand their customer-base, STHM conducted a guest lecture for students on Revenue Management on 3rd November 17, Friday by Mr. Gaurav Chopra, Cluster Director – Revenue Management, North India, Hyatt Hotels. Mr. Chopra personally interacted with students and shared with them that revenue methodology has to be given the paramount importance. He further told students about different type of rooms, tariff trends and the tact to be used to upsell rooms. He focused on “shift in Revenue Management Process” to maximize the revenues and occupancies of the hotel. He stressed upon the fact that there is big change in the revenue management mechanism as contemporarily there is a greater focus on “market-based pricing” instead of cost based pricing which guides one to decide the best rack rate. As a matter of fact, the concept of rack-rate is now getting obsolete... in today’s competitive market, hotels regulate tariff on an hourly basis – more termed as the BAR (Best-Available-Rate) concept. The revenue departments of hotels are working round-the-clock to optimize the Average Room rates. Being interactive in nature, the session achieved the desired output and the students gained a lot of insights and first-hand, latest information on the dynamism of Revenue Management.

The industry-academia interface being a regular feature in hospitality education, the Final Year students of the Vatel School of Hospitality recently visited the Cyber Hub, Gurugram for one of the several lessons conducted Outside the Classroom. The Cyber Hub, renowned for offering famous, celebrated and eminent speciality restaurants under one roof is patronised by people from the world over (by virtue of its locality within the MNCs complex) The purpose of this visit was dual; that to understand the clientele patronising these restaurants and to learn from the entrepreneurs of these outlets the intricacies, complexities and secrets involved in the operation of such busy and highly successful restaurants.

Chef de cuisine Mr. Sunil Kumar, and Mr. Saif Anjum, a specialist in restaurant operations accompanied the students and instructed them to finely observe the layouts of the kitchen, the ways of storage, food handling and the service design. He instructed them to ask questions concerning the type of outlet, cover cost, scope of work for a fresher, specialised kitchen equipment being used, billing software and the impact of GST etc. The supervisors and the stewards, though busy in setting up their restaurants, were enthusiastic in answering all questions. Besides the learning involved in these activities, the students get to make good contacts with the entrepreneurs, get to work during the evenings and, eventually stand to be ideal candidates for a career in these very special outlets.

The clients of these outlets were amazed to see the smartly dressed young boys and girls talking to the employees of the outlets. The visit ended with quick bite at a Mexican Quick Service Restaurant, during which the team of students and professors exchanged a lot of views and suggestions…

The Dean, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Mr. R.K. Bhandari welcomed them and gave them a detailed insight into the various courses conducted at the University and also spoke to them about the ever-growing sector of hospitality. After taking a tour of the University, the students participated in a chocolate, pizza and salad-making demonstration with a great interest and enthusiasm. This was a big eye-opener, I could never imagine having to do it with my own hands, was the comment of a girl student. I will explore the possibilities of making a career in this dynamic industry.

The Italian lunch consisted of pasta, sandwiches, salad, a mock tail and for dessert they had their own creation of crunchy, nutty chocolates. Participation certificates and a hamper containing muffins –baked by the students of STHM were distributed by the Dean and the Faculty members of STHM...

Just before they started their journey back, Ms. Simrat Singh – Professor of Geography, Summer Field School said, "We greatly appreciate this gesture of the University – Students who were still wondering as to what they should do after they finish school, have got precious guidance from the experts here..."

In continuation with the Vatel School of Hospitality Management’s (VSHM) endeavours to promote its association with the senior secondary schools within the NCR, an event for school children called Little Chefs’ Workshop was organized at the college. This workshop was unique as the children were supposed to produce their dishes at their own home, bring it to the college, finish it, present it, talk about it and get it tasted by VSHM’s expert chefs.

The children brought along Fudge Cake, Tri colour Idli with Chutney, Banana & Strawberry Cake, Corn salad, Buttermilk and Veg Pulao. These dishes were tested for their presentation, texture, colour combination and, indeed, the taste. Chef Malakar, Chef Sidharth and Chef Sunil Kumar from the college, on their part gave a live demonstration of Chinese cooking and taught them to prepare honey-chilly potatoes, Schezwan Paneer, Hakka Noodles and Banana Fritters with vanilla ice cream.

Sporting kitchen aprons and long Chef caps on their heads, these young people themselves looked like professional chefs. They shot many selfies and took a lot of pride in their work. All this created an exciting, bustling atmosphere in the kitchen.

“I am amazed to see a professional kitchen, its range of equipment and learnt a bit on the kitchen etiquette. All this will be very useful to me in the future” said one of the starry-eyed girl student”

The purpose behind conducting these activities is creating amongst the young students a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Whatever little they have seen or done with their own hands today, will definitely create a lasting impression in their minds said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University.

Unless a study prompts a mastery over the subject, it cannot be deemed to have been followed well. All theoretical lessons, especially in hotel management, must, for the sake of their wholesome understanding, be followed by their practical versions.

Entrepreneurship in banqueting, in which one is required to conduct a deep study of the client’s requirements, understand and conceptualize the proposed events, plan the layout, the staffing, the menu, the timings and the service design, is an extremely calculative, systematic and a methodical process. In such events, one has to rely not only upon the resources available within the house, but also coordinate with the external agencies for their specialized services. More so, as it happened on the last Sunday, when an event like The Legal Desire Awards Ceremony, in which retired chief justices, renowned legal advisors and celebrated lawyers like Mr. Ram Jethmalani were expected to attend, a lot of planning of the smallest and the finest detail was required. Hand-in-hand with the F&B professors of The Vatel School of Hospitality Management, the Chefs gathered resources and worked together to integrate and execute the breakfast service at 8 am, the pre-lunch conference tea at 11 am, lunch at 1 pm, rounded off with high tea at 3 pm; and, this wasn’t for anything less than 250 guests for each service. When the purpose of the event is prestigious, things are never left to chance. Not only the quality of food, but also the ambience, the prompt and courteous service and care had to be executed at a level nothing below the highest standards.

“The event went off with flying colours; we did not leave any stone unturned to make our guests happy” was the comment made by Mr. R.K. Bhandari while replying to the kudos, compliments and letters of appreciation received from the School of Law, the pro-vice chancellor and the vice chancellor of the University.

A CROWNING VISIT No industry can function, neither can it survive in isolation should it not be for the constant cooperation of external factors or that of the agencies that help it grow and flourish. Enjoying close ties with HM institutes, where lies a wealth of semi-trained, Cultured manpower, the hotels constantly invite students for internships, special occasions, competitions, sports and, indeed, for placement. Conversely the hotel managers visit institutes for delivering lectures on the best practices adopted by them, to make the students aware of the emerging trends in hospitality and to be part of the institute’s meetings and celebrations. These close interactions build a sense of industry-academia bonding and create an atmosphere of proximity and teamwork.

Ms. Nikita Bajaj, Director Human Resources, the Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, whose portfolio was recently elevated to a higher role at the regional headquarters, for the purpose of continuing the seamless relationship enjoyed by the two organisations, visited the Vatel School of Hospitality Management to introduce her successor, Ms. Anshul Sharma.

“We will make sure that not only do we continue this beautiful trend, but also will we try and work towards capitalizing upon each other’s strengths” were the words of Anshul…

It was co-incidental that the School’s parents-teachers’ meeting was in progress at the time of their visit and the parents were happy to observe a close relationship that we maintained with the Crowne Plaza… Secondly, she invited 8 of our final year students to visit the hotel and explore career opportunities in the various departments in food production.

Away from the run-of-the-mill get-togethers wherein formal, sermon-like lectures are delivered and vital statistics discussed (which do happen to embarrass students at times) the Vatel School of Hospitality Management invited its students with their parents to their own Vatel Restaurant, the advantage of which, as it usually happens during visits to all good restaurants, was, to first of all, make them happy and comfortable, away from the atmosphere of a classroom lecture.

“We would much rather call these meetings as Parent-Teacher Partnership Workshops as the mission of both the parents and the teachers is the same - To mould their respective wards into successful professionals and finally into respectable citizens of our country.” Said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, the dean of the School. The fact that this should be a joint effort was, as per the brief, duly stressed upon by the respective faculty members as well.

This really worked like magic - It was amazing to see how some otherwise introvert students freely opened up their minds and heartily expressed their concerns about matters related to their academic pursuits. Several valuable issues and suggestions came up and correctional measures were deliberated upon at length.

This was a very fruitful activity and we plan to conduct it in the same format, soon after the mid-term results are declared, said Mr. Amreesh Mishra – the course director…

A Masterclass on American Whiskey and Cocktails was organized by the famous organization - Cocktail & Dreams located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. This unique demonstration was attended by the faculty members specializing in F&B service and the Final Year students of Vatel School of Hospitality Management. This was on a special invite by the organizers of Cocktails & Dreams.

The session was conducted by Mr Yangdup Lama, American whiskey Ambassador for India, he is a master in mixology and in using the American Whiskey for several interesting cocktails. He highlighted the basics of the beverage, clearly outlining its differences between Rye, Tennessee and Bourbon, and demonstrating a couple of classic cocktails. The class participants also tasted samples of Jim Beam White Label Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s Old # 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

Goût de France, a century old festival that has united the culinary experts, food enthusiasts and chefs from all over the world, stands out to be a unique event wherein 1500 chefs serve their menus in French Style.

Encouraged by the resounding success of this event last year, the students and professors of Vatel School of Tourism and Hospitality put up three days of French gastronomical delight again this year and produced delicacies like Sole Paupiette, Croque-Monsieur, broken wheat and sprout salad, Zucchini, olive and tomato quiche, prawns thermidor, crème brulée, assortiment de gateaux and fruits parfait.

The festival was culminated by this morning’s event and lunch which was attended by personalities like Mr. K.B. Kachru, Chairman Emeritus and Principal Advisor, Carlson Rezidor Hotel group, Chef Devendra Kumar, the President of Indian Culinary Forum and Vice President, food production, Le Méridien, New Delhi, Eric Boutté, a Michelin Star Chef, L’Aubergade, Lille France and Prof. Stéphan Collet of École Saint-Martin, France. This is what the distinguished guests had to say:

Chef Devendra Kumar – The tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds – if you want to succeed, the basic aspects of hospitality should be clear in your mind. Today the world is becoming very competitive but only the best are being awarded Padma-Shree Awards…

Mr. K.B. Kachru – French cuisine is the mother of all cuisines. Food is what unites the peoples and regions of this world. The opportunities in this trade are never-ending, millions jobs will be up for grabs in the near future.

Chef Éric Boutté: His advice to the young and upcoming hoteliers was that they should have love and passion for food and must keep their cooking style simple. Nothing big can be ever achieved without hard work.

Chef Stéphan Collet who represents a college of hospitality in Lille, France, who looking at the enthusiasm of our students was keen on doing student-exchange programs with India, wanted to invite the Indian students to his schooland was keen on introducing Indian cuisines in his school.

This morning’s celebration was culminated by lunch prepared and served by the students under the guidance of the School’s Chefs… We are always keen on participating in the international culinary and other related events on hospitality. These events broaden the horizon of our students and give a totally new approach towards hospitality…said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, Vatel School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University, Gurgaon.

The Vatel School of Hospitality Management (VSHM) organized a first-of-its-kind AUTHORS’ CONCLAVE. The Conclave was attended by eminent writers like Chef Parminder Singh Bali – Corporate Chef, Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, Dr. Nimit Chaudhary, Director, Department of Tourism, Hotels and Hospitality studies, Jamia-Milia Islamia University, New Delhi, Mr. S.K. Bhatnagar – former principal, IHM Faridabad, Mr Deepak Behl, Director HR, The Park New Delhi and Mr. Shakesh Kumar from BCIHMCT. It was a moment of truth that Chef Bali’s latest book on Bakery and Patisserie was released during the progress of the Conclave, which was attended by deans of various schools of Ansal University and the students of the VSHM.

Chef Bali told the students that his journey to success wasn’t smooth, neither was his life ever a bed of roses. There were instances wherein he was ‘slapped, kicked and had to tolerate the burns of hot skewers straight from the tandoor – “Those are the tough days and that’s how you’re literally grilled – but now, all this is forgotten after you’ve kissed the cup of success”. Pointing towards the students, he said he could do it only because he was in love with his work… Food is not barely a means to fulfil your appetite – it is an experience that you give to somebody, says he… Mr. Nimit Chaudhary spoke about the steady growth of the tourism sector and about millions of job vacancies soon going to be available for the budding professionals and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Bhatnagar spoke about the times when nobody could ever imagine to make a career out of cooking. This is so different from the modern times, when Chefs are regarded as one of the most respected people in the Society.

The panel discussions in which all the dignitaries participated highlighted the need for Training the Trainer as this would help tremendously in bridging the industry-academia gap. The industry moves much faster and changes the ways of operation far more quickly than the syllabi of the HM institutes or what may be taught in the classrooms. A hand-in-had progress of the two is of utmost importance.

Mr. Jérémie Rossignol of Vatel Business School of France, who was incidentally available in the Conclave spoke about the importance of discipline in every field – in whatever you may do – professional or personal and the only way to guarantee success… The conclave concluded on a great note of success, wherein the main essence of highlighting the importance of creative writing and creative thinking was greatly deliberated upon and understood by the young, budding hoteliers of tomorrow…

Notwithstanding the spin-off that exciting events rake in for hospitality institutes, where change is considered to be the only constant factor, the main interest.

The overwhelming popularity derived from Chef Comp with Nestlé last year served as a reassurance that such events, besides creating a do-or-die situation, bring about, on the other hand, a deep sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the worst of rivals and gets out the best in everybody. The Vatel School of Hospitality Championship 2018 though positioned itself as a friendly match, the atmosphere of gruelling rivalry, enmity, conflict and challenge that it eventually created, couldn’t but be avoided. The killer instincts of the budding chefs brought about the best of talent and that’s what the sole aim of VSHM was…Secret, thoughtful dishes were being created in closely guarded work-stations. This time the event was sponsored by not one, but by two famous organisations – The Nestlé (of course!) and California Walnuts. As many as 14 teams, with just two members to a team were given to prepare delicacies with their own imagination. The sponsors strongly mandated though that their company’s popular brands like Maggi (sauces and noodles), milk powder, Maggi Makhni gravy, Milkmaid, Nescafé and the protein-rich California nuts be used as the base items for normal and baked desserts.

The Judges Chef Saurav Srivastava, Executive Chef, Aloft Hotels, Chef Sudarshan Bhandari, Former Executive Chef, Crown Plaza, Gurmeet Bhatia, Corporate Chef, Pind Balluchi Restaurants, Puneet Sethi, Executive Chef, Hilton Double-Tree hawk-eyed experts who usually happen to catch only the irregularities in the contenders’ work, were around to see that not only the guidelines and time limits are adhered to, but also that the process is carried out in the authentic way…

“After the success of these two Chef Competitions, we are happy and indeed convinced to see that instead of hotels, associating with the food processing companies for such prestigious events proves to be an extremely productive activity and our students get to discover the wide-ranging use of their products” said Mr, R.K. Bhandari, Dean, Vatel School of Hospitality Management.