Faculty Profile

  • Name Mr. Amit Singh Tomar
  • Qualification M. Tech in Production Engineering from MITS Gwalior
  • Department School of Engineering and Technology
  • Profile Assistant Professor
  • Email amittomar@ansaluniversity.edu.in

Professional biography: M. Tech in Production Engineering from MITS Gwalior affiliated to R.G.P.V. Bhopal. B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from U.P.T.U. Lucknow

Experience: six years of teaching experience and one year of industry experience

Courses taught: Engineering & Applied Thermodynamics, Design of Machine Element-I, Design of Machine Element- II, Internal Combustion Engine, Manufacturing Processes, Organization Behaviour, Manufacturing processes, Engineering Drawing, Total Quality Management, Power Plant Engineering, Industrial Engineering.


  1. Paper entitled as, “Ranking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Supply Chain in Indian Manufacturing Industries” is accepted by Journal of Indian Business Research, Society & Management Review and an edited volume (Emerald).
  2. Tomar Amit Singh & Sagar Manish Kumar (2014), “Ranking Critical Success factor of Total Quality Management by AHPInternational Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Vol 2 issue 1, pp-29- 34”. http://iraj.in/journal/journal file/journal_pdf/2-37-139279050929-34.pdf.
  3. Tomar Amit Singh & Sagar Manish Kumar (2013), “Identification of Critical Total Quality Management Factor for Productivity ImprovementInternational Journal of Advanced & Innovative Research, Vol 2 issue 7, pp-41-44”. http://www.advanceresearchlibrary.com/ijairp14.aspx (Serial no. 7)