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Faculty Profile

Qualification:        2018   Ph.D.Shri Venkateshwara University

                              2003 M.Tech. Thapar University, Patiala

Work experience: 15 + years

Courses Taught: Electrical Machines, Control System, Basic Electrical Engg., Power System, Network Analysis Synthesis, Applied Physics

Research Areas: Renewable Energy Systems, Power system

Affiliations, Achievements and Accolades:

  • Patent registered with Indian Ministry of patents and published in an Indian Journal of Patents

Conferences/Workshops/Trainings: Attended about 36 International and National level workshops and short term courses.

Membership of Societies: Lifetime member of IETE society

M.Tech, Ph.D student guided: 01


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Most cited Paper K.Singh, Neha Gupta and O.P.Pandey“Effect of Y2O3 on the crystallization behavior of SiO2 -MgO-B2O3 -Al2O3 glasses” published in International journal “Journal of Material Science”, © Springer Volume 42, issue 15,pp 6426-6432,August 2007.

Books Publications

  • “Utilization of Biomass in Diesel Genset for rural Electrification”,Neha Gupta, SK Mahla and AtamPapreja,Published by Scholar’s Press, Mauritius 2017, ISBN:978-3-639-71665-8.
  • “Power Electronics”, Neha Gupta &Mr.D.R. Arora, published by MBD.