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Faculty Profile

  • Name Dr. Latika Singh
  • Profile Professor
  • Education MS, Ph.D
  • Email

Qualification: PhD, National Brain Research Centre

                        MS, ITB Ireland

                        B.Sc, Kurukshetra University

Work experience: 15+ years of research and teaching

Courses Taught: Text & web Mining, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Ruby on Rails, Ruby programming, Python, Internet of Things, C, C++, Java, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Acoustics of speech production, Advanced Java

Research Areas: Speech development in children with special needs, feature reduction of large datasets, malware analysis using data mining etc

Affiliations, Achievements and Accolades: State Merit Scholarship Holder, MSc Gold Medal, Best Teacher award (ITM)


  • Principal Investigator of DST funded “Fuzzy algorithms to characterize nature of speech impairments in children with autism”, Dec 2010 – Mar 2014
  • AICTE funded projects “Speech impairments in children with learning disorders”, July 2010 – July 2012
  • Mentor of DST-WOS funded project – Cancer detection using classification Techniques (ongoing)
  • Mentor of DST-WOS funded project – Delineation of QRS complex in ECG signal (ongoing)

Select Publications:

  • Sabherwal P, Singh L and Aggrawal M, “Aiding the Detection of QRS Complex in ECG Signals by Detecting S Peaks Independently”, Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, accepted (2018)
  • Aggarwal G and Singh L, “Classification of Intellectual Disability using LPC, LPCC and WLPCC parameterization techniques”, International Journal of Computers and Applications, Taylor & Francis, accepted (2018)
  • Gautam S and Singh L “Speech disorders in children and adults with mild to moderate intellectual disability”, Chapter to De Gruyter book on Signal and Acoustic Modelling for Speech and Communication Disorders , accepted (2018)
  • Gautam S and Singh L, “Development of Spectro-temproal features of speech in children”, International Journal of Speech Technology, 20(3), 543-551, 2017
  • Sabherwal P, Aggrawal M and Singh L, “Automatic Detection of R Peaks in Single-Lead ECG Signal”, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, 36(11), 4637-4652, 2017
  • Singh L and Hofmann M “Dynamic behavior analysis of android applications for malware detection”, in proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communication and Computational Techniques, 2017
  • Chhikara, Rita Rana; Sharma, Prabha; Singh, Latika; “An improved dynamic discrete firefly algorithm for blind image Steganalysis”, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2016
  • Chhikara, Rita Rana; Sharma, Prabha; Singh, Latika; “A hybrid feature selection approach based on improved PSO and filter approaches for image steganalysis”, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2016
  • S. Gautam, and L. Singh, “Speech Impairments in Intellectual Disability: An Acoustic Study”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Applications, vol. 7, no. 8, pp.259–264, 2016.
  • Gautam, Sumanlata and Singh Latika, “Classification of the Speech of Normally Developing and Intellectually Disabled Children         International Journal of Data Mining And Emerging Technologies” 6(1), 28-37, 2016
  • Chhikara, Rita Rana; Singh, Latika; “An improved discrete firefly and t-test based algorithm for blind image steganalysis”, 2015, 6th International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Modelling and Simulation
  • Aggarwal G and Singh Latika; “Characterization between child and adult voice using machine learning algorithm, IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication & Automation (ICCCA), 246-250 2015
  • Jindal, Komal; Singh, Latika; Gautam, Sumanlata; “Developmental Patterns in Speech Analysis on the Basis of Time Duration”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science 5(1) 2014
  • Gautam, Sumanlata; Singh, Latika; “Developmental pattern analysis and age prediction by extracting speech features and applying various classification techniques”, 2015 International Conference on Computing, Communication & Automation (ICCCA) 83-87 2015
  • Aditi Goel, Akansha Arora, Akash Kohli, Gaurav Aggarwal , Latika Singh, “Interactive Picture- based learning module for children with learning disabilities”, National Conference NCACT 2013 at MDU
  • Gill, Nasib S; Singh, Latika; “Built-in testing in component-based software-a mapping study” 2nd International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), 159-168, 2015
  • Sharda, Megha; Subhadra, T Padma; Sahay, Sanchita; Nagaraja, Chetan; Singh, Latika; Mishra, Ramesh; Sen, Amit; Singhal, Nidhi; Erickson, Donna; Singh, Nandini C. “Sounds of melody—Pitch patterns of speech in autism”, Neuroscience letters (Elsevier), 478, 1, 42-45, 2010
  • Singh, Latika; Singh, Nandini C; “The development of articulatory signatures in children”, Developmental science (Wiley Online Library), 11, 4, 467-473, 2008
  • Das, Tanusree; Singh, Latika; Singh, Nandini C; “Rhythmic structure of Hindi and English: new insights from a computational analysis”, Progress in brain research (Elsevier), 168, 207-272, 2007
  • Singh, Latika; Shantisudha, P; Singh, Nandini Chatterjee; “Developmental patterns of speech production in children”, Applied acoustics (Elsevier), 68(3), 260-269, 2007


  • General Chair, 4th IEEE International Advance Computing Conference 2014, Gurgaon India
  • Reviewer, Computers, a Journal of MDPI
  • Reviewer, 8th International Advanced Computing Conference
  • Reviewer, International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation 2016
  • Coordinator from AU as a partner to Bennett University project “Deep Learning and AI skills mainstream in India to fulfill trilateral needs of entrepreneurship, Industry-academia partnership and application-inspired Engineering Research” funded by Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, 2018
  • International conference on theoretical neurobiology, New Delhi, February 2003
  • Indo-US symposium on Brain Research, Manesar, December 2003
  • International Symposium on Neurobiology and Neuro-informatics (NBNI), May 2004
  • Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Bangalore, December 2005
  • National Conference on Advance Computing(NACT-2013), March 2013
  • Invited talk at GITM Gurgaon on “Internet of Things”, 2017
  • Invited talk at DPGITM Gurgaon on “Cyber Security: Emerging challenges and issues”,2016

Membership of Societies: Computer Society of India, Association for Computing Machinery

M.Tech, PhD student guided:

  • PhD Awarded to student with dissertation title “Feature reduction for blind steganalysis”
  • PhD Awarded to student with dissertation title “Development of articulatory features in speech of children”
  • 16 M.Tech Thesis Awarded
  • Guided More than 30 B.Tech Projects