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Deepanshu1 jainDeepanshu Jain: Civil Engineering Batch 2017 Passing out

Being a proud student of civil engineering at Ansal University, I’ve got a 360 degree exposure and learning during my tenure in the university. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving me the opportunity with esteemed organization M/S Leighton as GET.

Surya Bhatia -Hitachi ConsultancySurya Bhatia: Computer Science Engineering 2017 Passing out Batch

“Getting a job offer is not easy. People tend to wax poetic about the brand name and the number but the truth is that getting an offer letter takes a lot of work which starts right from the moment we step foot into the college. Ansal University provided me the platform to learn the skills necessary. The variety of courses as well as the faculty helped me to imbibe the knowledge needed and helped expand my worldview. I am really grateful to Ansal University, the faculty and the placement department for grooming and giving me the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life with Hitachi Consulting. Thank you AU!”

Rohan Vashisht1 -AudiRohan Vashist:

Computer Science Engineering 2017 Passing out Batch

I would like to formally thank Ansal University for giving me the platform and showing me the way to enter such a reputed organization with a very strong brand image. My teachers and specially the corporate resource center supported me throughout this interview process as well as the days before this wherein I could prepare for even getting ready to sit for such an interview i.e. during the years wherein this university refined us and made us what we are today from the very first year to the final one. Such placements can help students to find the correct career path which gets them a very strong base to prosper ahead and well in life after this. With a combination of support from parents and guidance from Ansal University, I have got a chance to work for a really renowned brand i.e. Audi and it doesn’t end here, this has shown me the path to move ahead in life and has given me confidence to tackle and handle tough and challenging issues and tasks in life.

Once again a big thanks to the management, corporate resource center and all other at Ansal University!

Ankit yadav1Ankit Yadav

MBA Passing out 2017 Batch (Marketing)

Ansal University.


Placed in Allan Lloyds Group at a package of Rs. 5.84L pa.

With due respect & gratitude, I take this opportunity to thank the esteemed institution that I have been a part of. I strongly believe that “A right path leads you towards a right destination.” I was privileged enough to be a part of Ansal University & made bonds with professionals like never before, the kind of mentorship & guidance nurture the “PROFESSIONAL” in me & I can never thank them enough for this exposure.