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17th-Aug-2018 SSD Career Talk with World Renowned Designers

Venue: Sushant School of Design, 2pm onwards



Mr. Joshua Enck (Rochester school of Design, New York), is a sculptor, designer, draftsman, and illustrator who teaches and maintains an active studio practice. He is trained as an architect and a furniture designer, awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award, he will be talking about his experience in the field and he will create sculptures that pay homage to the lotas, katoris, and other metal vessels of everyday life in India, to help document an industry that has received little scholarly attention.


Ms. Patricia Johnson (Rhode Island school of Design), is a designer and educator who is interested in the interchange between research, design, commerce and culture. Based in the US and Canada, she collaborates with start-ups, manufacturers, governments and other designers to create unique design programs and product collections will be sharing her knowledge and expertise. She also designs product lines for established manufacturers worldwide, including Keilhauer, Nienkamper, David Design and Mabeo. She is currently working on a project with furniture manufacturers in Barbados to develop and implement a new long-term strategy for the industry.