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Message from VC: Apr 2020

Dear Colleagues, Students, and Parents

As you know, the situation related to COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and has become worrisome for all of us. I don’t think any of us will have lived through a crisis quite like this and there are now fundamental changes to our daily lives – including the way we communicate, socialize, work and support loved ones. W are living through unprecedented event who’s course is very difficult to predict and it is likely that we will have to continue to make changes as the epidemic progresses. I want to assure you of my commitment to ensuring that we see our way through this period with strength and agility.

I am writing this message first and foremost to thank our faculty & staff for helping us to transform the way we work almost overnight. I am highly impressed and appreciate the way our Deans, Directors, Registrar, IT , HR, Facility, Hostel, Accounts team and faculty and staff members have come together and worked so rapidly to allow us to make these dramatic transitions. I could not be prouder of the way colleagues have adapted in a very short space of time. The move to a greater level of remote working for Faculty & Staff will allow us to continue operating as well as possible whilst observing statutory and government guidelines. I must say that the calmness and timely teamwork is allowing us to cope with a set of challenges most of us could not have imagined.

I greatly appreciate our students for their calm and cooperative response and understanding that  move to online teaching learning and assessment will allow us to protect student education as far as possible. I also thank you parents and everyone who has been involved in the move to online teaching and especially to our students for their patience and heeding the advice and information over recent days. I know not everything will have gone smoothly but please be kind in your feedback and know that everyone will be doing their very best to ensure we provide an excellent learning experience in the days and weeks ahead.

I understand that our first thoughts must be with our loved ones, family and friends. We must understand that the wellbeing and safety of our Faculty, Staff & students and community will always come first. Please whatever you do, take care of yourselves and your families in the weeks ahead, please resist the tendency and the pressures to see increased flexibility in working as a reason to over-work, but do understand that the way we have responded to this crisis situation so nicely for the future of this excellent institution, and, most importantly, its students and faculty & staff.

I must remind you that with our outstanding, Faculty & Staff and students at Ansal University is going to play a key role in national recovery and will be in the vanguard as we build our post-corona virus society and economy. So, despite the dark days that we face, I am very confident that the things that have made Ansal University prosper in recent years will remain key strengths in the future.

I especially wish to acknowledge everyone who has been working above and beyond the call of duty over the past days and weeks in the face of this situation. This is a trying moment, but with the deep knowledge, capability, and great sense of commitment, of our unique AU community, I trust fully our collective ability to weather this period.

Thank you for your patience and the contribution you are making in helping our community in this most challenging time of crisis which will come to an end in due course.

I am looking forward to once again feel the vibrations and positive energy of each one of you to make this campus Vibrant AU.

Best Wishes for you and your family
Dr. D.N.S. Kumar
Vice Chancellor