Why This Is The Best Time To Make Career In Health Science | School of Health Sciences | Ansal University

As the population ages, and due to lifestyle disorders and other factors increasingly more people are developing the health-related complications. Cardiovascular disorders including strokes are becoming the leading cause of deaths worldwide in urban and rural populations, and in developed and developing states of the country. In India, more than 10.5 million deaths occur annually, and it was reported that Cardiovascular Diseases lead to approx. 20.3% of these deaths in men and 16.9% of all deaths in women https://www.sideeffects.com/.
According to the study, published in the Lancet Global Health journal, which explores demographic, clinical and socioeconomic variables associated with heart-related deaths, Southeast Asian countries showed 15 percent mortality while South America and the Middle East had 9 percent fatalities from cardiovascular disease. Another study, conducted by AIIMS and ICMR has suggested that India’s younger population (under 30), is at a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailments. Thankfully, due to advances in cardiovascular diagnostic technologies, coupled with the greater awareness of the signs and symptoms, diseases can now be detected much earlier than ever before.

Within the last generation, the management of patients with heart disease has been transformed by advances in drug treatments, interventions, and advanced diagnostic cardiovascular technologies. These innovative devices and procedures for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions are on the horizon. The “Bachelor’s of Cardiovascular Technology” undergraduate course offered by universities have been creating an impact on the treatment of these diseases and is helping the students to learn latest innovative cardiovascular technologies in the world of cardiac health including google glass, bioresorbable stents, leadless pacemakers and protein patch for heart muscle growth. This introduction to these innovative technologies will change the entire scenario of cardiovascular disease treatment in the coming years. The knowledge, awareness, and access to these advance cardiovascular technologies will make a significant reduction in the mortality rate due to cardiovascular disorders.

This is an exciting time to be involved in healthcare education and the health sciences. The healthcare industry shows ongoing employment growth with tremendous job opportunities arising in the healthcare sector. The School of Health Sciences (SHS), Ansal University is the living epithet of the future of healthcare. School of Health Sciences was established with a commitment to produce compassionate and competent health care professionals in academic association with Max Institute of Medical Excellence with a vision to provide the real-time experience and training in the best hospitals of the country. The school initially offered the degree program in Cardiovascular Technology, now offers undergraduate majors with clinical concentrations of study involving Cardiovascular Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Medical Lab Technology, and Optometry.

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