Whether you derive it from the sayings of the sages of yesteryears or from life-experiences that have brushed past you, it’s factual that sometimes what seems to be appealing from a distance, tends to transform into something appalling when you begin nearing it. The charisma and luxury of every dominant vocation in the world captivate masses like anything, but it’s only a mere few who really delve into the pros and cons of such occupations, experiencing them in their entirety, thereby succeeding in making a mark in their respective field.

Holding the popular culture culprit, we can fairly conclude that vocations of the likes of fashion and filmmaking have been blown out of proportion. But referring to stereotypical notions to foray into any occupations doesn’t pay off well. In the text that follows, we will become acquainted with the fact that being a design student doesn’t necessarily incorporate a glossy appeal and a glamorous charm.

Instead, in order to garner optimum experience out of their course revolving around the Indian Fashion Industry, serious design students gravitate towards the nuances of fashion design than towards the superficial aspects of it. Pursuing fashion design is a rigorous ordeal that demands of time, hard work, and persistence.

With massive work-load and building peer pressure, breaking free of fashion school stereotypes is in order. Here’s some advice from our side that shall enable you to derive the best out of your fashion design school:

Bid Adieu to Misconceptions

The field of fashion designing is not static, but is rather ever-changing, hence it comes riddled with infinite opportunities. Expressive, personal, and intimate, it’s pious for those who devote their lifetime to it. One common misconception that envelopes fashion designing is that owing to the tremendous work-load, a fashion design student won’t be able to find time for anything else. Lend us your ears for we are going to surprise you – if you are really passionate about your design studies, if you really crave to be a full-fledged designer someday, then managing your professional and personal life simultaneously won’t be an issue – you will stop complaining and rather focus on getting the work done.

Derive The Best Out Of Competition

Competition is healthy – it drives your passion, it enables you to explore beyond, and it helps you achieve the greatest of your dreams. In a field of the like of fashion designing which is expressive, which allows people to make a statement and be heard, which can help one to reach the top of your game and be the best – competition is a driving force – it’s the fuel. It inspires, motivates, and pushes you to work harder. Healthy competition comprises of ‘competing with each other’ rather than ‘competing against each other’. With this lesson learnt and adapted from the best Fashion Designing institutes in Gurgaon, pave way for yet another one-too-many lessons to be learnt – because you learn, you grow, you prosper, and then you thrive!

Prep Up To Pay The Cost

We are not talking about tuition-fee, to be precise. In order to be a through and thorough fashion design student, you have to chew more than you can bite, you have to gather more than you bargained for, and you have to dwell in an environment that’s constantly trying to test you, and bend you out of shape.

You have to pay the cost – of working late, of experiencing the exertion, of peer pressure, of your work being hated and denounced et cetera. To help you cope with the mentioned aspects, you must always keep your destination saturated in your mind – in order to realize the very dream of yours that ends with you being a renowned fashion designer – it’s a very small price to pay.

Pursuing fashion design is a life sentence. Of course, one would rejoice if she/he graduates with flying colours – but remember, with fashion designing, it’s never really over. The life that lies ahead constitutes of interning, then assisting, then finally able to work as a full-time designer who’s trying to stand-out amidst all the existing competition. So, buckle up, shall we?