Architecture – a 5-year long, painstaking and hard work-filled journey that helps one learn the intricacies of design. It is a journey that will inadvertently change you, both as a professional and as a person. Technical knowledge goes around plenty, and there is a whole new world of architecture you can explore. However, have you ever thought what life lessons you can derive from an Architecture degree? The best architecture colleges in India and across the world have some of the best life lessons to impart. Let’s take a look!

Failing Fast
Architecture, along with life itself, is a breeding ground for mistakes, and the process of learning from them. It is a never-ending process of self-improvement that can change our perspective about how one can view the world. Architecture inspires the design enthusiast to take up new and meandering challenges that compel them to delve outside his/her comfort zone. This not only allows you to grow but also teaches you the value of failing fast – which ultimately leads to better ideas and greater success.

Solving Problems
If you’re in a design school, or about to go to one, the words “design thinking” will be, or is being beaten around you like a drum. And rightly so! Architects have been taught and advised to look at problems from divergent angles (quite literally), and this basically contributes towards the rapid development of problem-solving skills. Architects are encouraged to make thoughtful choices when determining a solution and analyze the effects of the decisions they make.

Marketing Yourself
Every architecture and/or design student is bound to be fluent in one thing: their portfolio. When you take up architecture, you will be spending a lot of time in and around your work, hence, you are best suited to explain the nuances of your craft, along with your overarching vision.. It is said that by their 10th interview, architects already have their entire portfolio memorized, as well as, their entire pitch.

Presentation Skills
As mentioned before, architecture students spend a lot of their time around their projects. In addition, students also get the opportunity to present their work from time to time. Whether you’re explaining your ideas to sceptical coursemates or trying to convince your professors that you actually put in efforts for this presentation, one thing is certain: you get a lot of practice at presentations. This helps hone oratory, argumentative, reasoning, and perceptive skills at the same time, leading to multifaceted growth and improvement.

Breaking the Chains
The world of architecture is as artistic as it is technical – and art knows no boundaries. Working and studying in the best architecture colleges in Gurgaon and around Delhi/NCR, comes with the opportunity to express oneself in the best possible manner. Being in an artistic field helps students push their creative boundaries beyond the trials and tribulations of bounding rules and regulations, which have served their purpose, but are just a hindrance in churning out efficient work. Being in a design/architecture college equips students with the courage to stand up to rigid conventions, and carve their ambitions into something bigger.

Delving Out of Comfort Zones
If there is one thing that architecture school will teach you, it is being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Drawing in public, measuring ceiling heights in a crowded space, carrying big pieces of cardboard across the campus – architecture school will make sure you look less than your presentable self. The earlier you come to terms with this realization, the easier architectural college life will go for you. So pull up your socks, and dare to delve out of your comfort zone!

Well, we have rounded off the fundamental life lessons you will come across while you study in an architectural college. Cherish these memories and make your life a well-rounded, wholesome experience!