The profession of engineering in the Indian subcontinent comes accompanied by stereotypical aspects that have steeped in the mind-set of society camouflaged as reality. Although the truth stands far-off from the mentioned reality. One such muddled aspect revolves around gender stereotyping, paving way for a scenario where it’s only considered apt for a male to choose to engineer as his vocation. If a woman tries to ‘wing’ her career as an engineer, she is left riddled with an underestimation, only to be left demotivated – thanks to all the other-worldly insights of society that have fallen prey to the mentioned stereotypes.

For a sector as diverse, exciting, and rewarding as engineering, it’s nothing less than a surprise when common-place theories malign the profession by limiting it to geeks and introverts –, especially men. It is often implied that the best engineering colleges in Gurgaon are only accessible to men – and the male/female ratio speaks for itself. Let’s take a step to bust the myths and misconceptions that exist in the industry that’s not only the choice of women one too many but also a platform where the ‘second sex’ excels. Let this mountain of stereotypical beliefs come tumbling down – for now, and forever.

Not Strong Enough?

We cannot even fathom the origin of this myth but one doesn’t need to be big, burly and strong in order to pursue engineering. A good engineer possesses a sharp mind that’s capable of executing innovative ideas, along with efficient problem-solving skills that come accompanied by smart tactics. With the mentioned qualities, a female engineer can function as capably as her male counterpart – even while pursuing a B Tech Civil Engineering – if she possesses the nuanced knowledge to unlock imagination and put it to use. Hence, to be an engineer, you don’t necessarily need to be brawn!

Can’t Get Your Hands Dirty?

Yet another misconception fired from those who know this profession the least is that ‘engineering is all about engines, applying tools, and greasy palms’ – in short, it’s all about getting your hands dirty. For the ‘know it none’, such antics account for the perfect look that’s synonymous with the engineering profession. However, engineering comprises of a plethora of subsidiaries, and yes, it is true that some of these respective fields call for one’s hands getting dirty – but such is not the case for all. Also, it doesn’t really matter whether one has to get some greasy soot on their palms for as far as female engineers are concerned, they are capable enough to do anything and everything. Hence, the following fact holds prime importance: One doesn’t need to look like an engineer, but rather act like one.

Too Timid To Be An Engineer?

Since time immemorial, the female sex has been considered to be ‘weaker’ than men. Women have been labeled as homely and timid. But with time, women have taken an initiative to take a stand and be heard. They have adopted the right attitude and developed the right confidence. Women engineers now don a competitive demeanour, stand up to their peers, impart right opinions, and possess the ability to take the right decisions – women, after all, have never been timid – their voice has mostly gone unheard. They neither shock, nor surprise, but rather impress in the same way men are accountable for.

Not As Good In Science, Maths, And Technology?

Doesn’t make sense, does it? It seems utterly futile to present an argument with respect to the mentioned myth because the functioning of the brain is not gender-specific. Take the annals of history into consideration, women have shined their light in all fields known, let alone maths and science. Also, cultural norms and other factors contribute to the fact that many women aren’t unable to perform as expected of them. As far as ability is concerned, there stands no doubt that women are as talented as men.
Women are good at soft skills and are also equally good at technical ones. If a woman possesses the will to aim for top positions in the world of engineering, then no social outlook can beat her persistence. A career-oriented woman can not only drive her ambitions to touch heights she is desirous of but can also raise a family at the same time – if her partner is willingly complying to do the same – which he should. It is a matter of equality after all.