As the year folds into another, it brings with it the time to highlight those buildings which are surely going to impress architecture aficionados. There are certain buildings which speak out loud in terms of their glory, while there are a few which can be tagged as muted in appearance yet appealing to the onlookers.

Let’s unveil the iconic structures that are going to rule 2020:

  1. Vancouver House, Vancouver, Canada

The building twists from a triangular base and moves towards a rectangular top. This is one building which has defied all the laws of engineering when viewed from a distance. The sole credit of the eccentricity of this building goes to BjarkeIngels, who is a Danish architect. The 493-foot tall building gifts deep balconies to its residents.

  1. National Stadium, Japan, Kengo Kuma

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be seen in the Kengo Kuma’s National Stadium in Tokyo. The stadium is oval in shape, but the intriguing factor for the students of architectural colleges in Delhi to note here is the use of plants to wrap the wooden structure of the stadium. The stadium is three-tiered and can cater as many as 80,000 seats.

  1. Powerhouse Telemark, Porsgrunn, Norway

Powerhouse Telemark by Snøhetta is considered to be one of the most innovative buildings that double as a game-changer. This building has set a completely new standard to be followed during its construction in years to come. The sleek structure of this building is coated using photovoltaic cells. The construction of the building has been carried out using recycled materials which were loaded from demolished products.

  1. Datong Art Museum, China, Foster+ Partners

The much-awaited Datong Art Museum is expected to be completed this year. The four overlapping peaks which are wrapped in the Corten steel will be used for distinguishing the structure from one another.

  1. Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, Nanjing, China

The inspiration for the construction of this building lies in the traditional Shanshui paintings. Ma Yansong has perfectly blended the built environment with the different aspects of nature. The 23-acre development in Nanjing is indeed one of the most ambitious realizations in China. The credit for the icy mountain-like appearance of this building goes to irregular white fins present in the tower. Architecture universities in India should garner inspiration from this building as a fresh reminder of its bold form of architecture.

  1. Poem Pavilion, UAE, Es Devlin

The Dubai Expo 2020 will witness one of the most anticipated designs of the building. The structure will make use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of animating the façade!

  1. Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

The museum is an abode to various archaeological treasures and symbolizes the efforts taken by the country for the purpose of reviving the nation’s tourism industry. One can enjoy the view of the Giza plateau and the Great Pyramid directly from the building.

  1. Maggie’s Southampton, England

This is the smallest building of the year, designed by Amanda Levete’s studio. This structure sits beside the Southampton General Hospital’s Oncology unit and will be a centre for cancer patients, accompanied by their relatives. The building offers an ethereal clarity and is placed within a garden of flowers.

  1. Bee’ah Headquarters, UAE,

The Late Zaha Hadid is behind the designing of this beautiful structure. The building is designed in such a manner, that it can easily echo the rustling of the sand dunes and can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

  1. 425 Park Avenue, US

Foster + Partners will complete its first office tower and thus, occupy a full block in Park Avenue. This building will set a new standard for the design of the traditional workplace. The 41-storey tower is built with column-free interiors and a double-height terrace full of plants.

With these wonderful architectural marvels to look forward to, we hope that your 2020 is filled with noveau and wonderful learnings!