Law as an Emerging Career Option

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

Importance of legal education can be known from that, law could be used as a medium to bring change in the society. The significance of legal education in a democratic society cannot be over-emphasized. Knowledge of law increases one’s understanding of public affairs. Legal study promotes accuracy of expression, facility in arguments and skill in interpreting the written words, as well as empathise towards social values. Ignorance of law is not innocence but a sin which cannot be excused. Thus, legal education is imperative not only to produce good lawyers but also to create cultured law abiding citizens, who are inculcated with concepts of human values and human rights.
Legal education is a broad concept. It includes the legal profession which is practiced in courts, academics, research, administration, in different branches of the government where law is insignificant. It is also indispensable in commercial and industrial employments and all other activities which postulate and require the use of legal knowledge and skill.
Legal profession is objectively the most sought-after profession in the world producing Statesmen. This is due to two reasons (1) Lawyers belong to an independent profession. They are not subordinate to the government or to anyone else, and (2) they are directly in contact with society in its entirety as they have to deal with all kinds of problems of people from all sections of society, unlike say, doctors who are confined to technical problems. Hence lawyers are the people who are most conversant with the problems of society as a whole. A well administered and socially relevant legal education is a sine qua non for a proper dispensation of justice. Giving legal education a human face would create cultured law abiding citizens who are able to serve as professionals and not merely as business men. Legal education is an investment which if wisely made will produce most beneficial results for the nation and accelerate the pace of development. Of late, the role of a lawyer in a common law system is more than a skilled legal mechanic; he acts as a harmonizer and a reconciler. The legal education granted at the Top LLB colleges in India should be aligned to the conventional and contemporary needs of the legal profession. Hence, Best law colleges in India owe the responsibility to provide quality legal education to yield and nurture better legal professionals in future. There are many Law Colleges in Delhi NCR providing law courses in various specialisation and emerging fields. School of Law, Ansal University, Gurgaon provides a platform that imbibes in student’s legal knowledge through clinical legal education. The law students are exposed to legal practice in police stations, courts, law firms, through assignments, research projects, case studies and internships. Thus, the study outside the classroom fosters the students in grooming their professional expertise and talent.

Author: Dr Komal Sandhu