Have You Tried These Things at B-School in Your Leisure Time?

The best b schools in India offer much more than a conducive environment to learn all types of strategies for the business. These business strategies are not taught to them in a classroom lecture but a case study mode of operation is employed to teach nuances of the business. The case study mode of teaching has become fairly popular in the top MBA institutes, which was first used by the premier ivy league of colleges and premier institutes of India. In the case study mode of teaching the students are given a case study of a genuine problem for which they have to find the practical answers. These problems are real-life problems which have already occurred and thus are in full relevance to the ground zero problems.

If you are learning to become a top-notch executive in one of the largest firms in this world and credit rating agencies or banks then you have to develop not only your scholarly skills but also your personality traits. When recruited as the manager or any senior executive in any of the big brands and company then it is not upon your bookish knowledge to find in the answers of all the problems, but also you have to find out of the box methodology to solve the problems. The top MBA institutes in India when select students after an exhaustive process of scrutiny and conducting group discussion rounds and personal interviews of every individual, not only looks into his/her academics but also looks up to the complete persona of the individual.

Qualities of an MBA graduate

The qualities of an MBA graduate differentiate vastly from any other graduate in various terms. It is not like the conventional courses related to the streams of science, commerce, medical and engineering because in these courses the students are made accustomed to the technical aspects. But after completing an MBA you no longer work with machines but have to work with a team. This needs qualities such as leadership, teamwork, diligence and meticulous understanding of the relationships. As a manager, you have to work with people who have different perspective and point of view and as a leader, you have to acknowledge the inputs of every individual team member doesn’t matter whether you are leading a company or establishing a new brand (like organic products brand). This is very important to convert the efforts of every individual in a team effort. All these qualities cannot be taught in a classroom-based environment which is confined within walls. To learn all these qualities you have to leave your comfort zone and come on the ground zero to observe and visualize it. There are many things which you can do in your MBA part from your studies.

  1. Joining a club or society

    You can always go and join any club or society of your interest in the college. All colleges have different clubs dedicated to the various fields, for example, there are clubs for adventure activities, dramatics, entrepreneurship, and others. A student can join any of these clubs based on his/her interest and can explore the various possibilities. This will not only help him/her to interact with other peers but will also help him/her to build up a social circle. These clubs provide a sense of relief from the daily drudgery and will rejuvenate you. It gives you time to come out of the same monotonous study life and work to rejuvenate yourself. It will teach you to work hard in a team where there will be a chance of different ideas clashing and you will see the perception of other people with the same problem. This will give you an insight of how the work is done on the ground zero and hence will give you an opportunity to analyze other people’s opinion and build your conviction.

  2. Organizing an event

    The top MBA Institutes in India holds up an annual fest which is a colorful and vibrant event where the different college participants come and showcase their talent. These events comprise of various educational and cultural activities where everybody gets a chance to show up their talent. Organizing an event in the college premises for any MBA graduate is like working on a live project which enables him/her to experience the work environment before handling large projects and to get to understand the management and to learn how to use the funds wisely, where cost-cutting is required.
    All these things will help you to brush up your skills other than academics and will, in turn, boost your academic caliber.