Getting admission in a top-ranked business school helps in paving the way for a successful career for aspiring management professionals. However, contrary to popular belief, simply having good grades is not enough to secure a place in a top B school in Delhi NCR. Most such schools today give greater preference to candidates with an impeccable personality, which they access during the interview phase. This is why candidates aspiring to enrol in a renowned management school need to prepare well for their business school interview. Discussed below are some useful tips that can be followed by the aspiring candidates for interview preparation:

Act Natural

Most candidates try to impress their interviewers by masking their actual personality in order to appear more competent and worthy of admission in a particular B school. However, adopting this strategy is akin to deceit and is definitely not the best way to start management education. In most cases, the interviewer can see through the façade, and this might make them feel disappointed and even infuriated. Moreover, it can cause serious problems for candidates by setting wrong expectations amongst their peers and faculty. Hence, being natural and presenting themselves as who they truly are is something candidates should focus on while preparing for their business school interview.

Answer Questions Accurately And To The Point

It is a common habit of candidates to provide elaborate answers to even the simplest questions asked by interviewers. This tends to distract the interviewers besides creating a wrong impression of the candidates in their mind. Providing unsought and unnecessary information often makes the candidates appear non-serious and unfocused, which is not a trait favoured by the interviewers. In case the candidates do not understand any question, it is better to request the interviewers to repeat the same rather than providing a vague answer that might be completely irrelevant.

Be Sure To Carry Multiple Copies Of All Essential Documents

The candidates should make it a point to carry several copies of their essential documents to the interview. This may include copies of their application, CV, mark sheets, and other documents sought by the business school at the time of admission. In addition, they should study their CV thoroughly to ensure that they are able to answer even the most insignificant question related to it in a confident and effective manner. It is also advisable for candidates to highlight their key strengths and achievements in every copy of their CV and other documents that they might have to present to the interviewing committee.

Do Ample Research About The Business School

It is extremely important for the candidates to carry out ample research about the business school they are seeking admission in. They should seek in-depth information about the history of its admission, its motto, and even the things that it is most famous for. They should also prepare a statement about their reasons for choosing that specific school to pursue an MBA in Gurgaon. However, they should not present this statement unless the interviewers specifically ask for the reason. This strategy needs to be adopted even when the candidate has applied in more than one business school.

Have The Confidence To Stand By Your Views

Most candidates feel so pressurized during their business school interviews that they easily change their views and opinions simply because the interviewers do not agree with them. However, such fluctuation of opinion is often viewed as a weak personality trait by the interviewers and is likely to affect the chances of the candidate being granted admission. As such it is important for the candidates to display strong confidence and conviction for their views and opinions. This is especially true in case their opinions are in complete contrast with the opinions/statements put forth by the interviewers or other people of authority.

Now, go ahead and ace that B school interview!