The efficient management of a hotel is no simple task and requires managers to be constantly on their toes. In fact, one of the key aspects that ensure the smooth and successful functioning of a hotel is the presence of a skilled and well-coordinated team. Quite naturally, the responsibility of building such a team rests on the shoulders of the managers.

In this context, managers can seek inspiration and even learn a few things from football coaches. Though the idea might seem ridiculous and even too far fetched for some, it can actually help hotel managers run their establishment in a highly competent and successful manner. Discussed below are the key aspects that make coaching football synonymous with managing a hotel.

Focusing On Skills Is the Key

Whether it is a football team or hotel employees and staff, choosing individuals with the right skill set is the key to ensuring success. Both football coaches and hotel managers cannot do much if the key players in their teams do not have the necessary skills required for the profession. For hotel employees and staff, these skills generally include the highest levels of professionalism, a patient attitude and a friendly approach and a desire to serve people to the best of their abilities.

Constant Assessment of Competition

Constantly assessing their competitors is the basic requirement of almost every business, but its significance in both football and hotel management is perhaps the greatest. In fact, most professionals with a Masters in Hospitality Management in India, are trained and understand the need to constantly monitor the various methods and strategies used by the competitors to entice new clients. This is also a key strategy used by football coaches as it helps them prepare their teams accordingly and minimize the risk of being taken advantage of by the opposing teams.

Flexible Policies as Per Changing Needs

Football coaches, as well as hotel managers, need to adapt flexible management strategies that can be modified as per the changing needs of the game and business. The primary objective of hotel managers is to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their guests rather than upholding the traditional strategies and methods of the establishment. Hence, if they feel that the existing methods or policies hamper the fulfilment of their primary objective in even the slightest manner, they should opt for a change in such strategies and policies.

Skill-Based Task Delegation

Every successful football coach is known for ensuring the proper placement of players as per their skills and competence. Wrong positioning of players can have disastrous consequences for the coach and the entire team. The same holds true for hotel managers, who need to delegate tasks and responsibilities as per the skill and competence level of their employees. Failure to do so can lead to various management issues and can affect the smooth functioning of the hotel and worst still, the discomfort of the guests.

Effective Communication Is A Must

Both football coaches and hotel managers need to communicate effectively with their employees and staff members. Conveying key strategies and policies is essential for getting the desired results. However, effective communication should also include listening to the views and opinions of the team members. Professionals graduating from both government and private hotel management colleges in Delhi are aware of the significance of such two-way communication for running hotel successfully.

Keeping the Team Motivated

Finally keeping their teams motivated irrespective of the work conditions they face is the key to making a successful football coach as well as a hotel manager. In both cases, the leaders need to constantly encourage and motivate their team members to give their best performance. In addition, they need to promptly and effectively acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and achievements of individual team members.