Time management is an essential talent for students aiming to graduate from the best institutes for hotel management in India. In the Hospitality industry, good time management is the solution to almost every problem. Most students, however, don’t know how to become better in managing their time.

Here are a few tips on how hotel management students in India can improve their time management skills while studying:

Create to-do lists and prioritize tasks

A checklist or a to-do list is an effective way of staying on track. Start the day by creating a to-do list of tasks by making a list of all activities that are due for completion for the same day. A simple notepad or even a checklist app on smartphones helps hotel management students in creating quick to-do lists and save time.

Prioritize the tasks in these lists by executing the ones with greater importance first. For example, daily college submissions should be at the top of the list,  while extra-curricular activities, such as volunteer work and culture clubs can be listed thereafter. When urgent tasks come up and require an immediate, same-day execution, change the priority order accordingly. To-do lists should be updated as and when required, so avoid sticking to the first draft of the list and make the required changes as your day progresses.

Develop a weekly study schedule

In the best hotel management colleges in India, the academic studies are diverse and include subjects from reception management and housekeeping to food production and catering. Towards the end of the course, each student specializes in one particular department. To stay focused on the specialization subjects, it is important to give them more time and effort.

A weekly study schedule of hotel management students contains the time table for college lectures, a list of deadlines for assignment submissions, and a study plan. Develop a study plan that dedicates more time towards important subjects (for specialization). Ensure the submission deadlines are noted properly and completed well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. At the end of the week, reward yourself for executing the study schedule thoroughly.

Keep away from distractions

The internet is the biggest distraction in the life of hotel management students. Notifications on smartphones can easily divert attention from studies to addictive apps such as YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. Eventually, a whole lot of time is lost watching dozens of short videos and memes. Distractions increase when friends, family, and hobbies regularly interfere with daily student lives. To escape these distractions, simply turn off the internet and cut off your connections with the outside world. Inform your family and friends that the best time to reach you is towards the end of the day.

Increase readiness towards tasks

Avoid procrastinating any task and develop a go-getter attitude towards executing academic liabilities. Hotel management is all about completing the task at hand, so a high level of readiness towards study tasks can help students in inculcating these ethics early on. Don’t panic or waste time trying to be perfect. Instead, pick a task, complete it, review it twice, and consider it done. Now, move on to the next task and follow the same routine. Ultimately, you end up having a lot of time to spare for other things.

Organize everything

With an organized time management system, unneeded items can be set aside, while resources to complete important tasks can be made easily accessible. List down logical categories to develop a clutter-free schedule. This way, there is more time spent on priority tasks and less time on menial activities.

For hotel management students, the most important aspect of organizing everything is creating some time -off for breaks. Don’t follow an exhaustive schedule by completing one task after another. Organize these tasks by keeping small 10 or 20-minute breaks in between. Also, use your downtime to your advantage by reading eBooks or booking library appointments through college mobile apps during lunch and other intervals.

Find a Productive time zone

The biggest advantage of managing the time budget is finding the most productive time zone. Each student has a time zone where high productivity is recorded. Schedule your study time during this time zone and organize the rest accordingly. The result – you get better at studies, your energy is spent well, and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any time.

To be a successful student in the best hotel management colleges in India, learn the skill of time management with the above tips. It will help you stay motivated, consistently improve your academic performance, and ultimately excel in the hospitality business.