Why Law is a popular career option?

Law is one of the most popular career choices in our country from a very long time especially for those whose families have been into this profession for generations but this ideology is changing and those who do not have a family of lawyers are opting for law because of the wide career option gates that law has opened. All you need to have is the passion to study law.

Diverse career opportunities available

Earlier people just compartmentalized law into civil law and criminal law, which has changed, and there has been an immense rise in the specializations like IPR, Corporate Law, Business Law, International Economic Trade law etc. offered by Law Schools and Universities. A degree in law not only lets you practice as a lawyer in the courts or work in an MNC but also opens up career options in sectors like corporate management, legal services, administrative services and armed forces. The diverse career options that a law degree offers is unmatched by any other professional degree. Law is a multi-disciplinary endeavour and it draws from other disciplines, for instance a criminal lawyer needs to have some understanding of human psychology and forensic science, and a corporate lawyer must have some understanding of commerce and capital.

How to choose the favorable course?

Students interested in making a career in law can either do a three-year law course from top law schools in gurgaon after graduation in any discipline or a 5 years integrated law (BA LL.B) after 12th class. Many Universities have now introduced BBA LL.B and BSc LL.B as well. The Bar Council of India, which sets rules, regulates the LLB course and regulations regarding legal practice in the country and a higher degree in law is regulated by University Grant Commission (UGC). Higher degrees like LL.M and PhD in Law can help one pursue a career in academics. There are so many Law Colleges in Delhi NCR recognized by the Bar Council of India offering 5 year integrated B.A. LLB/BBA LL.B/BSc LLB/B.Com LLB.

A candidate can start preparing for the entrance exam either in Class XI or Class XII. Students aspiring to do law from National Law Schools have to appear for CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test) which tests them on their general English, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness and Elementary Mathematics.

There are a plethora of opportunities for a law graduate like practicing in the Courts, Judicial Services, UPSC, Armed Forces, Academics, NGOs, Legal Editor, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor for MNCs, legal officers for Banks and Insurance Companies, LPOs, KPOs, Armed Forces (Judge Advocate General) etc.