Easy Steps Towards Building Your Personal Brand | Dr. Kirti Dutta | Professor-Marketing | Ansal University

Personal Brand building is imperative in today’s world and can make you stand out in your spheres of influence. People around you develop perceptions of you, which gets noticed with time. These can include what you’ve really built around yourself as a brand fortuitously. You can take control of this, to build your personal brand with the ISCEPE plan which has 6 steps, as follows:

Step 1: Identify the qualities- “Who” you are as your brand, considering your values, your personality, your skills and even the things that you’d like to change about yourself.

Step II: Set your goals accordingly – Now that you’ve listed your qualities, evaluating ahead tends to become clear and better. Now let’s assume and imagine the following 2 scenarios-

  1. Identify where you see yourself in the coming five years choosing the current path and
  2. Where you want to be in five years irrespective of what you are doing right now.

If there is a gap between the current talents and future ambition, then you need to rethink and need to make some changes soon. Identify the skills you need to acquire to magnify and develop a specific talent, for example- do you need to learn more, do you need to get a degree, get more experience, meet more people, or learn a new language and develop these.

Step III: Create a visibility index for your talent- Perceptions cannot be formed and strengthened overnight, so you need to be consistent and build visibility for all your skills and qualities. Best B Schools in India organize a lot of activities where students can participate and create visibility around their talents.

Step IV: Extricate yourself from the competition: Next comes the process of differentiating. You have to embrace everything that sets you apart from others and enhance it.

Step V: Presence Check: At regular intervals introspect and see how far you have come from the starting point and all you have done. Keep a tab on yourself by doing a google search with your name to identify all the links related to you as they will form your persona for anyone who wants to know about you.

Step VI: Evolve – Keep evolving and stay adept with relevant skills and competencies in your chosen area. Stay in sync with the changing times and build your brand diligence daily. Revitalize yourself and create buzz around these qualities and remain an ageless and young brand forever.

Be your brand! You’ve got to live up to it. This is why it’s so important to choose the Best MBA/BBA College, where teaching philosophy helps students build a brand that reflects who you really are and what you really care about. Always remember at the heart of a great brand is a great product – “You”.