Adopting the demeanour of a lawyer neither begins at enrolling in a law school nor does it end at donning the precise attire tailored for the occupation. Being a lawyer is a form of art in its own domain and in order to master it, one has to put on an act – an act that stays in motion, both inside-out of your professional life, forever existent, thereby becoming an extension of your nature. What you do or wish to do in the courtroom, not only derives fortuitous outcome but also hones the skill-set that leads to such prospects.
To think like a lawyer provides one with enough room to put forth their point, reason, argue, and calculate the weight of their words on a verbal scale, thereby sweeping off an upper hand in conversations with family and friends. If you’re one of those people, who formulate a precise analysis of an event within moments, and team reasoning and logic to combat complex problems, enlightening the masses a la ‘Messiah’, then you’re definitely on the right path if you aspire to be a lawyer someday.

The skill-set of a lawyer can be put to test in any field of work in order to harness rewarding possibilities. Willingness is the key to unlock the zeal to learn any particular skill, but along with it, one has to strike a harmonious balance between time, patience, and practice. If the mentioned aspects are not taken into consideration, then a sense of pretentiousness seeps into one’s actions, which gives the person away.
A lawyer – the magician of words can’t afford to get her/his cover blown off, hence it is utmost necessary to train your brain and develop the technique in a manner that enables you to disarm your opponent sans a single scratch. To do so, you can get roped in one of the best law colleges of India – but before taking that leap, here are a few steps that might come handy:

The Word Monger

If you wish to incorporate the lawyer-like appeal within yourself, you will have to learn the ability to hold conversations with words that are vocal of entire sentences. Keep it short, simple, and meaningful – that’s the crux of laying out spell-bounding yet competitive arguments that come accompanied by advantages that help you gain an inch or so on your opposition. Be a silver-tongued devil – reel in some grammar and spin out vocabulary that impresses and makes an impact.

Forecast Every Scenario

To play the game like a lawyer, you should not only speak like one but also begin to think like one too. A seasoned lawyer’s thought-process comprises of a threefold strategy: prepare, plan, and predict. What if your opponent would say ‘this’, what if your opponent would say ‘that’ – come prepared for both the scenarios and more. Such methodical thinking unlocks your potential with respect to every possible circumstance, with apt risk assessment clearing your way to make the next viable move on your opponent.

Be a Problem-Solver

A lawyer’s job is not to approach a scenario with a problem but rather with a solution. Analytical skill allows one to evaluate issues, brainstorm a solution, and solve the problem at hand. The solution of a problem, whether simple or complex, rests on calculated risks and educated decisions. Bring the information in view to use, along with choosing salient points that you believe provide sound reasoning to your arguments, in order to develop an analytical winning approach.

Effective communication benefits the most when teamed with a person’s will to remain objective throughout. Even the best LLM colleges in India teach one nothing but problem-solving techniques that bank on calculative methods and educated instincts. To stand strong on your point during verbal sparring also requires moderating emotion, hence being calm is yet another quality a budding lawyer needs to adopt. Remember, sound judgement originates from critical thinking – and development of such a thought process requires considerable time and effort.