Art is a platform that’s thoroughly influential. Be it painters, writers, architects, or designers – whatever the aforementioned conjure, cast an impact on the lives of those who come in contact with it. Being an artist is vocal of the fact that your oeuvre significantly adds to all the creations present in the world. A designer too derives from the social, political, and economic aspects of the world around, and strives to make some respective noise, in order to be heard. Either for good or bad, a designer’s work aims to make an impact – if it blends well with the aura evolving in the environment yonder, the effect of it can be short-lived, long-lasting, or in fact, everlasting.

The primary obligation of a designer is to contribute substantially to his/her field. Making a mark is something all designers strive for – it’s the mantra an artist abides by – they always have and they forever will. If a designer succumbs to the capitalist curse of creating something with an agenda to sell – then they might succeed in accomplishing what they are aiming for, but they fail as citizens, and more importantly, as humans. In any form of work that a designer rolls out, a personal touch or statement is much desirous – and too keen eyes and mind, such a signature style, does not go amiss.

The best design institutes in India cater to the fact that the knowledge of design is preceded by a set of ethics. Even great designers end up with putting forth amputated designs, owing to their ignorance regarding the code of ethics. We don’t want you to end up in that lot, hence, it’s high time that you become fairly acquainted with key considerations that one must take into regard, before creating a piece of art.

Know Your Responsibility & Others Will Know Your Worth

Design not only derives from inspiration, but also from discipline and dedication. Whatever a designer puts out for the whole world to see, bears his/her name. It’s his responsibility. Work that finds its roots in ignorance, often ends up hurting a sect of people. Hence, a designer should be fairly familiar with the responsibilities he bears with respect to his audience. Your work is your legacy – it speaks on your behalf. Make it worthwhile!

Always Value Impact Over Form

Design tends to exist alongside the designer, that is, in the very society, we all dwell in. Society and any prominent piece of art, exist in a full-circle. Society influences art and design, whereas art and design cast an impact on society. Hence, it doesn’t matter how aesthetically accurate one’s design is, for if its values are superficial in nature – it’s bound to contribute nothing – neither to the field of design nor to the society.

 A Designer Is Always In Debt Of The People

As a designer, when you are hired to craft something, do remember that your job is not just to execute the task. You’re hired for your expertise – the people who hire you, breathe their trust into you, not because they bank upon you, but to evaluate the impact of your work – be it social or economical – on the society. This is a fact that budding designers shall always come across while sharpening their skills in the best design colleges.

A designer’s job is to not only create but to produce work that is relevant, owing to the social scenario transpiring around. A designer is not just a mind for hire, but an individual who possesses the authority to say no and ask questions, thereby paving way for creativity that does nothing but betters the respective art form.