Trans-Disciplinary Programme

1. Programme Introduction, Approach & Objectives

To expand learning opportunities for students in a programme, there are multi, inter and trans-disciplinary modules or courses which provide opportunities for higher-level learning outcomes, besides bringing flexibility in programme delivery. Such courses constitute the inter- and trans-disciplinary studies program, also called MITD or TD for short, an elective programme embedded in all programmes of study of the University. Each semester Schools offer a basket of TD courses to students of all other Schools. Students enroll in a TD course offered by a School different from their home School and undertake and complete a project activity under the guidance of the respective faculty mentor. The purpose is to undertake concentrated study in one area while simultaneously developing an understanding of other disciplines and the connections among disciplines. The expanded learning opportunities, so offered, can provide very interesting course combinations in the context of Flexible and Choice Based Credit System too.

Indeed, at Ansal University, we encourage inter and trans-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning across all programmes of study. The central idea of the approach is to educate students in the exploration and utilization of diverse approaches to critical thinking and to participatory and interactive learning so that they authentically make connections among multiple disciplines, work jointly with students from other Schools on an area of common interest, co-create knowledge, construct their own meaning and transfer the learning to real world applications. With successful application of this approach students may integrate knowledge and modes of thinking drawn from two or more disciplines for a process improvement or to brainstorm and arrive at a better solution to a problem.

A trans-disciplinary learning environment helps in bringing education at AU close to real life. It helps prepare our students to understand and respond to the conditions and concerns of the contemporary world and work towards solving the same, both at the local and global levels. This approach and practice being in tune with the global best practices in higher education too creates richer contexts for student exchange programmes with our foreign partners helping them get further sensitized to global and local cultural issues.

2. Announcement of TD Courses - 2018

The seven Schools at Ansal University offer a basket of trans-disciplinary courses which are open for registration each semester. Every degree student joining any programme of study at Ansal University in 2018 has to enroll in a TD course during every full semester that they spend on the campus. The TD Course basket consists of a set of 34 courses this semester listed here.




Announcement – Attendance for Multi, Inter & Trans-disciplinary (TD) Courses 2018

Attention: All Students who have enrolled in a TD Course this Semester  

1)      The same attendance criteria as for all courses (75% minimum) would apply in order to sit for the ESE in TD Courses this semester.

2)      In all, a student needs to earn at least 7 and maximum 10 attendances to meet the 75% attendance criteria for these courses till November. Attending a Wednesday, 3-4 PM TD session as well as meeting your TD professor during their office hours would count as “an attendance”.

3)      Meeting the TD professor is mandatory due to not enough Wednesday sessions that are left technically till Nov 28th (with W, Nov 7 & Nov 21 being AU Holidays).

4)      Please find out the Office Hours of your TD professor and meet him/ her the requisite number of times for attendance and project completion over the next four weeks till Nov, 28th, 2018.

5)      Assessment for the TD course will be based on the tangible outputs you create individually as well as collaboratively as guided by your course professor.