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Message from The Vice Chancellor


To all Prospective students

Aim of education is to create a learning platform for critical enquiry….. What, How, and Why. The world is evolving at a very fast pace. Diverse opportunities and innumerable challenges – the simultaneous existence of both is desirous of an education methodology that shapes intellectuals who deliver quality performance.

Ansal University, Gurugram located in the midst of fortune 500 companies is an emerging educational temple . It evolves  through a growth oriented learner-market centric engagement in order to create an experiential ambiance. Methodology and drives of education at the University are oriented to ensure a competency-based education. To this, our approach is multi/trans/inter-disciplinary which provides assurance of quality learning and thereby influencing learners’ overall performance.

The vision of the University is to provide an academically enriching environment, to help to create build and hold a “Globally Competent Graduates” for an ever-changing knowledge economy, as well as the professionalism at large. To an effect, University has strong global collaborations; distinguished faculty which comprises a blend of academically and professionally qualified; practicing executives; state of the art infrastructure, research engagements and consultancy projects; and, an educational portfolio that blends the best of campus and digital delivery into a highly supportive and personalized student experience.

Students at University are highly enthusiastic, participative, and entrepreneurial in their bent of mind. We at University create an opportunity for our students to develop a global mindset through our partnerships with universities and organizations around the world.

With students-teachers being an important component of university, along with other stakeholders, we are engaged in a research-focused; participative; and innovative practice while we are in engagement with a diverse group of participants.

On behalf of faculty, students and the Ansal University, I deem it as my privilege to welcome you all to this temple of knowledge to collaborate and engage in the journey of experiential learning with us to enhance creativity and innovation.

Let’s learn and excel together…,


Dr. DNS Kumar

Vice Chancellor, Ansal University


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