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The present landscape of business and society marks the most fascinating platform of ongoing evolutions and unfolding exciting discoveries. Paradigm shifts from the conventional, disruptive innovations and emerging markets have made this a genre, which is truly transformational and enigmatic. Business models are undergoing constant change bringing in the need for companies to stay competitive and this necessitates continuous learning by professionals to stay relevant and add value. Sustainable growth today lies in building and holding on to competencies beyond replication and performance beyond expectations.

In this fast and supremely challenging yet promising age where ensuring an unshakable commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners, driven by values and energized by the meritocracy forms the anchor to an educational institution, I am immensely delighted to invite you to ‘Ansal University (AU)’. Located in the heart of the business hub of the National Capital Region, we are a university dedicated in preparing students for the complex world by way of inculcating skills and attitudes, making them responsible with a deeply transformative experience – intellectually, socially and personally – that will prepare them for a life of citizenship and leadership.

We are a university with the core ideology of being future directed and competitive, in tune with the mission "AHEAD. FOR LIFE". Our strength lies in taking advantage of our ecosystem and incorporating the best from the academia, industry & research.  We are not only in the midst of a large number of national and international corporations but also in one of the most vibrant start-up hubs of the country. The students, teachers and staff are the three prominent pillars of the university. Building teamwork, sharing a common vision and working together are the key words making the University different. The curriculum design is guided by inter and trans-disciplinary approach incorporating pedagogies that expand learning opportunities and ensure achieving higher order learning outcomes.

In these times of unprecedented changes we raise the bar each day, impart knowledge and skills in a sequential and holistic way and challenge the status quo. As India embarks on its journey of reforms in higher education, we at AU are committed as always, to create value for all our stakeholders, transform lives, care for nature and create true leaders who build, lead and sustain winning organizations. Our alumni form a responsive, powerful and large community that has influenced the businesses and professions globally.

Come and be a part of this island of excellence where we hold promise for you to engage, learn and excel in your pursuits.  I welcome you to walk with us on the path of becoming invaluable and indispensable assets to the society and the world where you take on a position, express opinion, shape it and lead to make it a better place!


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