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The Bachelors in Design (B. Des.) programme begins with a Foundation year where the students are exposed to the multi-faceted world of all the diverse skills that a designer needs to develop a career in design. The first year is an introduction to concept development, technique, critical discussion, and expression. Students are introduced to a set of basic design skills and methods and reasoning behind its application.

The progressive 3 years after that introduce each student to a graded approach to their area of chosen specialization, ensuring that by the 4th year end’ they are not only ready for the market but empowered enough to become design entrepreneurs or design leads in Industry.

The Programme trains students to evolve a distinct design approach and to develop a holistic attitude to the creative industries that they will choose to inhabit as professionals. Students apply their training in creative thinking and making to various mediums of expression and materials for construction, including textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, canvas, board and natural materials. Students undergo a continuous learning process that culminates in the creation of a final design project at the end of four years. This project is expected to represent the acquired knowledge and skills of each student.

Interior Architecture

Students are introduced to the process of spatial design & concepts translating harmoniously into personal, commercial and instructional spaces. Students gain an understanding of how basic functions relate.

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Interior Design

Students will be urged to constantly explore how to manipulate, and work within existing spaces in a completely new way within the interior sculptural qualities of a building or space.

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Fashion & Textile

Sushant School of Design is the only School in India to offer Textiles and Fashion Design as a comprehensive program. The course gives the students an understanding of the methods of detailing, selecting materials, including all aspects.

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Visual Communication

Visual communication is an art of presenting or communicating through visual aids.  And is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon. Often generalized as graphic design.

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Product Design

Product design has to do with ones creative skills, methodological process and aesthetic alertness to design a vast range of products. As a product designer one is to address the plausibility of a variety of 3 dimensional design solutions addressing both problems and needs.

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