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The Masters in Design (M.Des.) programme structure is developed in such a way that it will help imparting in-depth knowledge about the subject to the students who have the basic understanding of Design or has strong inclination to work in that direction.

Combination of research and practical studies gives students a holistic approach.

It also gives the ability to think and develop designs in such a way that they create an individual style, which will stand out when they start working on professional projects. We have well trained and well-equipped facility to teach in M. Des. Programmes, that helps students to come out with a clear understanding of the subject selected by them.



Interior Design

This Program explores all the aspects concerning interior design from the most technical to the more intuitive. Aiming at creating a body of work where the designer successfully combines technical &design knowledge.

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Furniture Making and Design

The course will provide a broad overview of the entire Luxury industry and outlines the diversity of the numerous luxury sectors: the history, evolution of the luxury market, major players and trends.

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