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Faculty Profile

Mike Knowles, Director, Sushant School of Design.

Professor Mike Knowles, FRSA, has 40 years' experience in professional practice and education. He has an interesting take on design in India and how it can help different rungs of society. He is passionate about the theme of change by design and the importance of craft folk.

Mike started his career in three dimensional art and had a deep passion for crafts.

 After working with many leading London designers he set up his first studio; Mike Knowles and Associates, in London, in the mid- eighties.

Apart from individual, high end commissions, he designed and manufactured furniture collections for very many international retail outlets. A lot of jobs were created.

Believing in the value of design and craft skills for society, he moved to India to develop job creation through export projects and helped establish the In Group. In 2003 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and up until recently, headed the India Fellowship.

In 2008 he established a Skills Academy for the University of the Arts London, and was conferred a Visiting Professorship.

In 2010 Knowles was given responsibility for developing the Sushant School of Design, Ansal University, Haryana state, where he is now Director.