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Professor Mike S. Knowles,Director

Over forty five years of spearheading growth and experiment in the world of Creative Parlance, both in practice and in education, Professor Knowles has learnt to enjoy the fact that there are no boundaries as to where the creative mind can go.
Despite having worked the world over, for Professor Knowles, India is the most Creative of spaces. For him, the people within this space are the most visually alive and intuitive as well as innovative and inherently skilled.

It is undeniable that India is quickly progressing into its Age of Design – fast leaving the archaic Age of Science. We want new, we want discovery, we want change.

And it is for Professor Knowles, the multifaceted world of Design that will fulfill our hearts desires.

With such rapid progress underway, young people, on discovering their Creative intent, are often confused as to how to take their personal dream forward.

As an example, what really is ‘Visual Communication’ and how does it differ from ‘Applied Art’? In this field of rapid discovery, where will ‘Visual Communication’ be in the coming years? With the onset of 3D imaging and 3D printing what are the defines between 2D imaging, pure advertising, linked product marketing and indeed Product Design. Where will we find graduates confident enough to define and re-innovate norms?

Likewise with ‘Interior Architecture’ and ‘Interior Design Spatial’, the two disciplines are both deeply in tune with each other and yet work apart – As parallels and tangents, shared aesthetics and diverse aesthetics.

Confused? You should be – for that is the world of Creative Thinking.

This is exactly the reason Professor Knowles has established at the Ansal University   The Creative Hub. A one stop shop for young people to get the best counselling needed for their soon to be exciting futures.

As has often been the case, this venture, growing from the energy at Sushant School of Design, is the first of it’s kind in India. The exclusivity may not last long for great ideas are always imitated. However, beyond merely being the first, with the guidance of Professor Knowles we indeed intend to be the best.

India’s future growth pattern will be design centric. Indeed, each point on the government’s vision agenda under “Make in India” has a design led solution.

Professor Knowles is keen to meet all those who are searching to find their path on this most inspiring and fulfilling of futures.

Professor Knowles started his professional career training to teach 3D design at Southfields College, London. After entering into industry he worked with many leading London designers before setting up his first studio, Mike Knowles and Associates in London in the mid eighties. A ‘ Ruskinite ‘ he is a passionate believer in the societal value of design and craft skills.

Professor Knowles moved to India to develop job creation and export projects and helped establish the In Group. In 2003 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and up until recently headed the India Fellowship. In 2008 he established a Skills Academy for the University of the Arts London in New Delhi and was conferred a Visiting Professor UAL in 2009. In 2010 he was given the responsibility of developing the Sushant School of Design, where he was Dean for 5 years, growing the school from a handful of students to one of India’s leading Design Schools.